the Goat Island Extrapolation

the Goat Island Extrapolation


hip, modern, canadian indie rock

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To Die In Vegas

Written By: Ken Goudsward

As usual, an aerial view of Las Vegas
bright lights, bright lights
but somebody's got to die

Young woman lies face down on pile of sand
hot hot wind bakes her cold cold skin
what did she do to make somebody so mad
or innocent, who stumbled into
who wanted her
to die in Vegas

Old man come a'winnin'
a life-long dream
beats the odds, paints it red, in the black
pockets overflowing, he walks toward the setting of the sun
and falls down on his knees
to die in Vegas
underneath the stars


Our latest release "the Goat E.P." rode the Canadian national indie charts to #34, and enjoyed 8 weeks in the top 5 on the local college station. The entire EP is now available fro free download at