The Goats

The Goats


The Goats are a pop band that is made up of four hardened (yet strangely soft) veterans of the Seattle music scene. They enjoy smearing their pop influences together with ragtime, Johnny Cash, Lou Reed and the Doors in as seamless a manner as possible.


The Goats are Ed Portnow drums; Coby Jackson - guitar & vocal; Art Behrman bass; and Jim Sadler keyboard.

In November of 2004 The Goats entered Studio Litho with another long time friend, engineer Floyd Reitsma (Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Dave Mathews) at the soundboard.
The Goats are very proud to be featuring the sublime artwork of Jim Woodring on the cover of the CD and they hope that you enjoy it as much as they do.
We're in the middle of a big transition, personally & musically. Ed, Art, & Jim have begun playing with songwriter, singer & guitarist Coby Jackson. As Ed put it: "I see this guy sitting on his car across the street playing guitar all the time, let's invite him over to play". It turns out Coby has a bunch of cool songs and we've been learning them over the last few weeks. We hope to have something new recorded by spring.


The Goats
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