The Go-Devil 4

The Go-Devil 4


4-on-the-floor high-octane Rockabilly from working class guys with punk attitude (without all the breaking of stuff!).


The Go-Devil 4 is the story of three guys who grew up together and their human drum machine.
We've been playing together in one form or another since we all fronted different punk bands in the mid-90s. About 2 years ago we began re-inventing ourselves as we rediscovered our rock'n'roll roots. The result is pure Rockabilly, but with the energy of a punk band.


We recorded about a year and a half ago and have some of those songs up on our myspace page. We decided not to release them until we get some more material down on tape.

Set List

We've been working and re-working some of our original material and now have more than an album's worth in the set.
Our set list includes covers of everything from Elvis (cool, leather jacket Elvis) to the Stray Cats, from Hank Sr. to Hank III, and all things in between. It is constantly expanding.