The Going Rate

The Going Rate


Perfect in every way. It's what God would listen to if he wasn't so busy advising the President.


The Going Rate carefully blends precision drum rolls, screaming guitar leads, grounding bass lines, and relevant, introspective lyrics to produce music that is past simple rock beats or sordid love songs. A combination of musical ability, hard work, and outright ingenuity helps this group live up to its name. So if youve ever had to question why some establishment made you pay a cover charge to get through the door, you need to see this band. If you give them a chance, perhaps for the very first time, the money you pay for your musical experience will be worth The Going Rate.

Venues played: High Dive, Neumos, Lobo Saloon, Chop Suey, Showbox, Comet Tavern, Crocodile Cave, Rogue Hero (Bellingham), Tonic Lounge (Portland), etc...


DEMO 2006
1. Ten Feet Tall
2. Long Ways
3. Anything At All

Set List

Sets can be 30-60 minutes that include up to 12 original songs.

Drive Away
Long Ways
Ten Feet Tall
The Point of All This
Anything At All
She Said, She Said
The Grand Scheme of Things
Chemical Reaction