The Golden Awesome

The Golden Awesome

 Wellington, Wellington, NZL

In the Venn diagram of guitar-driven rock music, the Golden Awesome sit at the intersection of 'Things That Are Loud' and 'Things That Are Blissful'.

Theirs is an unassuming yet powerful presence with enormous glittering songs that grow until they burst.


The Golden Awesome specialize in huge, soaring, fuzzed-out shoegaze gorgeousness.
Their distinctive sound is composed of several colliding elements:

- A wall of overdriven guitars playing slow, blissful major-key riffs
- An ongoing haze of seraphic, harmonizer-multiplied vocals
- A driving rhythmic undercarriage of fuzz bass guitar and pulsing drums

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, the Golden Awesome's dense sonic textures and sparse melodic highlights have won hearts, ears and minds throughout Australasia and the United States.

The Golden Awesome are signed to Portland/Oregon's M'Lady's Records (, who discovered them at 2011's Camp A Low Hum festival in New Zealand. The band toured the U.S. East Coast in October 2011, one of the highlights of which was CMJ 2011's NZ Music Showcase. While in the U.S., the Golden Awesome also played with fellow M'Lady's acts such as Grass Widow and Coasting, as well as New Zealand's the Renderers. A flurry of shows has ensued back in N.Z. since then, including prolific support slots for Explosions in the Sky and Real Estate, and a summer festival in Auckland with Die!Die!Die!. The band's debut album 'Autumn' was released in the U.S. in October 2011 and the rest of the world in May 2012 (distributed by Revolver and Matador in the US/Australasia and Rough Trade & Forte in the UK/Europe). On both sides of the Pacific, press reactions has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic (see below for highlights). Two music videos have been made ("High Life", "Ruby"), with a third currently underway. Demos towards a second album have also commenced.

The Golden Awesome are planning to return to the U.S. for touring this October, keen to expand their budding fan base and provide a physical live presence to match the online interest that has been building ever since the album release. CMJ was a fantastic centerpiece for the band's first U.S. sojourn last year when they were a complete unknown to U.S. audiences, and it would be even more fantastic to return to the festival a year later having generated a whole lot more excitement about the Golden Awesome.

Here's a few press highlights:

“The layers of overdriven guitars add to the dreamlike state and the swooning female vocals give the songs an aching beauty and a gracefully mysterious undertone that, when combined with the welcome sense of urgency and drama the band plays with throughout, give the impression that the songs actually mean something to them. […] You can call it shoegaze if that helps, you can call it Flying Nun with an extra layer of noise too.” (Tim Sendra, All Music Guide, 4 stars)

"The Golden Awesome demonstrate a sonic authority that seems effortless, so totally and completely do they cast their collective net. Contemporaries of bands like Ringo Deathstarr and Young Prisms, the band undoubtedly pays homage to My Bloody Valentine with their wondrous washes of drone and fuzz [...]. The end result is quite an aural opiate." (Megan, Fuzzy Logic)

“Layers of syrupy guitar distortion, harmony female vocals, middling chug-a-lug tempos and fuzz enough to drown in. And you know what? It all works just fine. [...] Vocalist Stef Animal delivers the goods in a languid, whispery moan that floats above the prevailing noise clutter like oil atop choppy waves.” (David Maine, Popmatters)

"[...] the Golden Awesome's debut 'Autumn' gives us another chance to appreciate all of the stronger elements of the [UK shoegaze] scene, without some of the more ponderous elements that have dated some so-called classics from the original era of shoegaze." (The Active Listener, 7 stars)

“[…] their haunted melodic sensibility is encased within huge cathedral-like structures of smoke and ruins. 'Autumn' lives up to, and actually surpasses my expectations, positioning it as the best local record I’ve heard all year.” (Martyn Peperell, Fishhead Magazine (NZ), 5 stars)

"A great place to start with your new favourite band who also happen to be one of the best live acts in the country." (Westely Holdsworth, NZ Musician Magazine)

“A good record for a scene in a movie where a bunch of really intelligent people have been invited to a dinner party but the hostess spiked the soup with DMT and now everyone's wiggling around on a beautiful carpet, staring at the ceiling with glassy eyes.” (Ari Spool, Impose Magazine)


- 'Autumn' - 2011 M'Lady's Records (MLADYS 4) LP/CD/MP3/FLAC
- 'Highlife' - 2011 Rampant Runes (RR07) Cassingle

Set List

High Life
In Threes
Sooner and Later
Where to Begin
Colours or Flavours
A 1000 Nights and 1 Night