The Golden Butter Band

The Golden Butter Band


Funky pop-rock with brilliant songwriting that will leave you humming. Imagine the Beatles, Sublime, and Incubus rolled into one. Now imagine that same thing, only way better than how you first imagined it. You're getting close.


The Golden Butter Band's unique mix of rock, funk, reggae, and indie songwriting has landed them gigs with such diverse acts as the Wailers, Chuck Brown, Sugarcult, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Jah Works, and even rapper Tabbi Bonney.

You've got to hear it to believe it.



Written By: Willy Matthews

I wake up.
Open my eyes.
There's no need to squint because it's autumn outside.
The cars pass.
Oil burns.
The tree in my backyard is the last one to turn.
I tell a hypocrite I'm not satisfied.
With nothing invested I've got no need to lie.
The carpet's cheap.
Rent is too.
Posting bills without stamps
There's so much left to do.

Setting goals I don't intend to keep.
Ambition slips out the door when shoes, they slip off my feet.
Passing time everyday.
Inducing circular sleep.
Living life the only way I know how.

I wake up, open my eyes.
There's no need to question cause I'm making up my mind.

The woodstove on the patio waits patiently unemployed,
Till the warmth in it's belly can again be enjoyed,
By our friends, who cannot pass an evening drink without a cigarette,
It would be rude to let them freeze.

La, dadeda-da


2008 - "Welcome" - Our debut 11 track LP has enjoyed wild popularity in the WV panhandle as well as northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore, MD.

Set List

Typical set list involves a 50 / 50 mix of our originals and covers. Our cover songs include tracks by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Matisyahu, the Beatles, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, the Black Crowes and others.

We have over two hours of original material, and can entertain an audience with originals and covers for well over three hours.