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"5 Songs You Gotta Hear Today"

The Golden Eagles: “Ballad of Humanity”
1 week ago by Alan Cross | January 21, 2011 9:00 am
From Windsor, Ontario. About two years old. This single is on a compilation entitled “From The Tank.”

Sounds like boogie rock - Alan Cross

"The Golden Eagles"

The Golden Eagles
"The Golden Eagles" (Independent, 2009)
Produced by Mark Plancke and The Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles have landed.

A relative newcomer to the local music scene, this new power trio will be having their inaugural CD release party at The Liquor Box (2155 Wyandotte St. West) a week today, on Saturday March 28th. And it should be nothing short of a rock and roll party.

I recently received an advance copy of their CD, entitled simply The Golden Eagles, and all I can say is, I can't wait for the summer. This is a record full of great fun rock and roll with enough hooks to keep your head a rockin' while cruising down Riverside Drive. Recorded locally with Mark Plancke at The Shark Tank, The Golden Eagles have struck gold with the first surefire hit release of what promises to be a very exciting summer for local music.

First off, let me start by saying that although The Golden Eagles are relatively new to the scene, the players themselves are not. The trio is fronted by Jamie Reaume, formerly of Foreign Film Star (easily one of the local music scene's most underappreciated and overlooked bands of the past few years, especially considering how fantastic the last CD, Dim The Lights and Leave For A Better Place was), and is rounded out by Neil Tupling (ex-Lost Souls Division) on bass and Geoff Yunker on drums.

From the explosive guitar chug-a-lug of the opening track (and easily one of the standouts) "Cell Phone", The Golden Eagles is a blueprint for hook-driven power pop. Emphasis on the word power. The songs are well structured and each morsel is just enough to savor the flavour without choking on an extra verse or wallowing in unnecessarily noodling. Think if Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age got together and wrote an album with Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick and you'll get an idea of what to expect.

"See You Coming" follows up with another hook-laden romp that expands on the first track. One of things that I really found impressive with this record is how well it flowed. This is something that every local band needs to be aware of - making a record flow. Your album should flow like a good story, even if the songs seemingly have nothing in common. It should be like riding on a boat in the Mediterranean, a pleasant ride. If an album's flow is "on", listening start to finish should be a painless experience. If it's disjointed, or songs are put in an awkward order, that Mediterranean gets mighty choppy. Luckily, the boys in The Golden Eagles have done a wonderful job of streaming their music together.

Integrated on the album are a few well placed instrumentals, such as "Bird of Prey" (which sounds ominously like a snippet from U2's "Bullet The Blue Sky"), with little "skit" pieces (a few seconds of dialogue) that make the entire album feel like it's a part of something bigger than just the songs. It almost feels like it should be a soundtrack to something.

"Go" carries forth out of "Bird of Prey" and it's another rocker, a tongue-in-cheek groove riding chug-a-lug riff (they have tons of those ones), where Reame snarls "Can you maybe show me how to dance/Pump and clap your hands/No more time for talk/Let's just fucking rock!" through what feels like a sarcastic impish grin. Another solid offering.

The album switches gears a bit with "Surfing At The Circus", a mellower tune that, of all of them, sounds most like Reaume's prior outfit, Foreign Film Star. It's a hazy head bopper that just screams to be played in a packed stadium with 25,000 people singing along to the "I know, I know, I KNOW!" refrain.

They quickly pull out of the mellow sentimental and follow it up with another rocking chugger, a dark and muddy greasy spooner called "Don't Wanna Know" that almost brings in vocal similarities to Frank Zappa singing for Alice in Chains.

"Twenty Something" brings in a bit of psychedelia into the power trio rock jams that have dominated most of the album so far, yet it fits in perfectly well, not over-used or exploited, but used with just enough grace to make the track stand out on its own and not get lost within the shuffle of all the other big rock numbers.

The dialogue excerpt "Dr. Shark's Leather Couch" is a great piece that slides into another of the track's highlights, the quirky ukulele pop ditty "The Duke". This track could just as easily be something off of a Scott Weiland solo album or an outtake from a Paul McCartney record. They couldn't have picked a better closing track for the album - after having your face rocked and roll for the past 25 minutes or so, the album seems to soundtrack its own end credits, with the three players going from being riff master jammers throughout the show to being three rag tag street musicians walking off into the sunset, having conquered yet another town from its rock and roll mediocrity and the day truly saved.

The Golden Eagles CD Release Party with special guests Vultures! and The Tree Streets, Saturday March 28th at The Liquor Box (2155 Wyandotte St. West). Tickets are $7 for just the show, or $15 for entry plus a copy of the album. - Jamie Greer


Ballad of Humanity - Released as a part of the From the Tank compilation album. The song is available now on CD and at various e-tailers. Released as a single to rock radio in Canada & U.S. in late December 2010. Named as one of "5 Songs You Gotta Hear Today" by Alan Cross of Toronto's 102.1 The Edge on

The Golden Eagles - Debut album was released in 2009 and has received airplay in Canada charting several times with campus & community radio.

All tracks are available for streaming on our CBC or Facebook pages.



The Golden Eagles have landed. The Windsor based trio initially started in early 2008 as a casual jam band to keep the members busy after their respective band break-ups. Frontman Jamie Reaume(ex-Foreign Film Star) and Neil Tupling(ex-Lost Souls Division) met with drummer Geoff Yunker(Disassembly) and immediately felt the creative spark. It quickly became apparent that something special was in the works. About a year after their inception, an album worth of original material was recorded, packaged and released.

The Golden Eagles released their latest single Ballad of Humanity on Sharktank Productions' compilation album From the Tank. The song was released to over 400 radio stations across Canada and the U.S. and is currently vying for nominations with the Independent Music Awards, International Songwriting Competition & the Toronto Independent Music Awards.