Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio


Psychedelic, Ambient Rock


Vocalist Talia Mays and bassist Jerami Mennella met while collaborating with Tricky during the production of "Vulnerable". The two were later joined by fuzz taming guitarist Mike Hayungs and drummer Tayor Kennedy to form Golden Ratio in 2004. Their sound is an evolving one. Rooted in deep grooves, coated in fuzzy psychedlics and topped by Talia's enthralling vocals. Songs are filled with dimension and designed to gain momentum when performed live. Comparisons to other bands have been as varied as their listeners. Garbage, Portishead, Mazzy Star, Jimi Hendix, and Massive Attack are just a few Golden Ratio have been likened to.

Currently, Golden Ratio is playing in some of the most influential independent music venues in Los Angeles and are preparing for a West Coast tour in support of their latest EP, "How Long 'Til Never?".. They have been featured on Indie 103.1 and The Buzzsicle (vol 1).

“How Long ’til Never? — the latest EP from the Golden Ratio — makes a nice impression. Imagine Garbage and Mazzy Star trapped in a planetarium."
(Kevin Bronson -

"When The Golden Ratio took the stage they built up a wall of swirling psychedelia backed by a funky beat that was pierced by the slowly mounting wail of Talia's fine voice. It sounded like a weird mix of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, with some Prince thrown in. Or in the same vein as contemporary artists like Film School, Darker My Love, or Xu Xu Fang."
(Brad -

"Sultry songstress Talia Mays heads this psychedelic/electro band from the same ilk as Portishead."
(Los Angeles MetroMix)

"a mix of dense guitars, psychedelic textures and a sound that invites as well as challenges the listener."
(David Carr - Associated Content)


Cesium Parlor, 2005

Lines of Civilization (EP), 2007

How Long Til Never? (EP), 2008

Set List

Enough material to occupy 100 minutes