The Golden Revelry

The Golden Revelry


Songwriting, songwriting, songwriting. Blend of contemporary & vintage...mellow rock n roll.


The Golden Revelry is born of a lazy magic, the pure love of listening to music. Over the summer of 2005, long time friends Ian Carpenter and Mark Wyman met up over tunes and soon became enamored with a picture of how they’d really like to do things. There was a time when bands didn’t quite play a song so much as wrap themselves around it. Inspired by vintage artists such as The Band, Mickey Newbury, Bill Fay, Tom Rush and others, The Golden Revelry was founded in the realization of it’s approach. A feeling in their heart that’s weathered and loose, yet strong and rich with style. Ian and Mark’s previous bands, Argentine and Shoes & Rider mined a more avant terrain, steeped in atmospherics and expansive orchestration. As time went along, both players knew they were outgrowing their roots. So in a strange way, The Golden Revelry is roots music in reverse. A distinctly American, overtly melodic band that doesn’t quite have a rule book to play by.
Flash forward to the autumn, Ian and Mark decide it’s time to give it a go. Working at a feverish pace, the duo amassed material faster than the leaves could fall. Shortly thereafter, Mike Presta and Jordan Malken came on board and the band was born. Mike and Jordan bring to the project a similar perspective. Neither player had ever been in a band like this one. Jordan, a talented and multi-faceted musician wove his way through many a genre over the years. Mike as well works with a variety of sounds, both as musician and professional recording engineer. Following the recording of The Golden Revelry’s debut record Robin Ziari took over bass duties.
The Golden Revelry bring to the stage a true love for the craft. Each show brings the band back to it’s earliest moments—the simple pleasure of hanging out with a great set of tunes. Live, the group emanates a comfort with their material and with each other into every room they play. It’s a transformational moment, when a music club feels more like an old friend’s living room. Suddenly, things aren’t so complicated any more, you’re gonna be alright. Quit your stressing my friend, The Golden Revelry have arrived.

Set List

Our sets typically consist of 10 original songs, 40 minute long sets altogether......