The Gone

The Gone


We are a radio friendly, hard rock act playing out of Phoenix, AZ. The Gone is all about catchy riffs and melodies and most of all entertaining the crowd. The stageshow is something to behold!


Out of the dust and ashes of alternative and metal, comes a fresh shot of adrenaline to the heart of rock. The Gone is an aggressive benediction to the Phoenix music scene, hell-bent on lowering their worshippers to their knees and making them yearn to salaam. Their blend of melodic tone and solid structure is complimented by the passion and fury that clearly marks their music as rock and roll. In the flesh, they are awesome and unstoppable. Their goal is the resurrection of live music, the once prolific but now endangered creature which has all but diappeared due to the widespread apathy of the Phoenix audience. Aided by the more mundane fuels of cheap liquor and youthful stamina, the group performs in an almost choreographed manner, so intricately are they connected as musicians. Curt Wesley stands as ringleader with his lusty animal voice, accompanied by a ferocious Dave Z. on lead guitar. Matthew James is a talented bassist that rides a pulsating undercurrent with Brad Lee, who does backing vocals and manipulates his rhythm guitar with a sexual intensity. With Dan Ammon as the solid, thundering beat that both completes the band and ties it tightly together, its not difficult to understand why their fans are roaring and sweating and writhing in time with the performers themselves. The Gone is causing a rebirth of the popularity of local music, and forcing rock connoisseurs to accept them as the new patrons of what had previously been considered a lost art.


The Gone - Full Length LP - 2004
1 - The Pain
2 - Restless
3 - 3 AM
4 - Enough
5 - Best Enemy
6 - Apology
7 - Blink of an Eye
8 - Finally
9 - Sunrise
10 - Deeper
11 - 3 AM (Acoustic)

Set List

1 - Boredom
2 - The Unknown
3 - Restless
4 - The Pain
5 - Best Enemy
6 - Apology
7 - Someday
8 - 3 AM
9 - Enough
10 - Sunrise/Billie Jean
11 - Wynona Cries

11 songs for a total of about 1 hr
We have a total of about 90 minutes of material available for sets though. We work in a cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" before the final chorus in our original "Sunrise"