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Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland, Australia | INDIE

Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"X and Y Bar"

Having been established in Brisbane for nearly four years now, The Gonzo Show are a familiar sound that combines early-90s artistic rock with the sounds of a late-60s prom night. Utilising dual vocals from the start, the four musicians establish themselves as equals early on, the chorus of Big Green Apple Eyed Girl resounding with those in attendance. Sweeping the evening off its feet, Anthony Nowak – otherwise known as the ‘Gonz’ – playfully retorts, “I love how you're screaming at me – I'm right here…” before launching into sombre sounds that sing of desolate surroundings. The rest of his family, made up of statuesque bassist Petra and steady handed stix-man Mono, never fail to offer solid support. Lifting the mood and never wasting an inkling of irony, the next melody outlines the story of a $200 fine handed out for dropping a cigarette butt on the filthy streets of Fortitude Valley.
Grasping at the soul that has been quashed by modern life's mundane existences, a tribute to the Pavement era is led by six-stringer/second vocalist John Sarn. Neuron Fire/Frozen Sands, the split single we are here to celebrate is offered towards the close, suitably igniting baby-doll shakes and drunken appreciation – two more swigs of the chorus barrel completing the performance in high spirits.
- Time Off

"Faster Louder"

The Gonzo Show take the stage around quarter to 8 and immediately their tight musicianship and laid-back on-stage demeanour generate interest amongst the assembled cosy throng. This four piece recently returned from a 3 night stint in Melbourne and one can see why there is interest down south. They combine a melodic bass-driven groove with psychedelic guitar flourishes to provide a sound all their own. Coming on like Paul Kelly fronting Pavement at times along with hints of Modest Mouse and The Cure thrown in for good measure, frontman Gonz and co. keep the peeps present nodding their collective bonces in approval. Abrasive in parts, proudly lo-fi in others, this band mixes genres interestingly to provide a solid set comprising older numbers and a few newies off their new upcoming EP. The odd slightly self-indulgent song ending aside, they bring the set to a close with the long-lost cousin of Radiohead’s Wicked Child, no small feat. A band to watch...
- Eddie two times

"WAMi Festival: City of Perth Northbridge Saturday Spectacular!!! (22.05.10)"

First up at The Court were four piece The Gonzo Show. Hailing from QLD, they were one of the few out of towners on show at the festival. Impressive to say the least, the Brisbane based band brought with them a bucketload of energy, a finely tuned performance and a variety of influences. At once, the sounds of bands like Dinosaur Jnr and Pavement come flying through, with an extra splash of the jam rock we love, that made artists like Hendrix so wonderful. But I think the influences go deeper than that. Rather than a pure interpretation the 1990s underground American scene, it feels like a re-intpretation of the British and European “post-punk” movement that inspired the it. The Fall and even Swell Maps are two which immediately come to mind. What Pavement and Sonic Youth were to The Fall and Swell Maps in the 80s and 90s, The Gonzo Show are giving a spin on in the 21st Century. Some may argue it’s a style that’s past its use by date, but a quick listen to this band may remind you that any style can be made into something new, appropriated for modern taste and excuted with impressive flair. - the AU Review - Larry Heath

"ZLATO BABY - The Gonzo Show (self released)"

It's not clear where The Gonzo Show fits stylistically into the small but thriving Brisbane underground music scene but the six-song "Zlato Baby" EP shows they're having a cool time anyway.

Maybe it's the loping basslines and the Brett Myers-like guitar phrasing in the outro but I'm hearing chunks of Died Pretty in the
haunting "Zlato", recidivist '80s revivalist hack that I am. Ditto "Red Cheery Stains", which builds pleasingly over three-and-a-half minutes of warm psych. Maybe I shouldn't have mixed Coca Cola with my Codral but the flashbacks are overpowering. Guitarist-vocalist Gonz has a rich vocal quality that carries these songs nicely.

"Green Apple Eye Girl" has a rustic folk-pop feel while "Brownfox" is a skeletal, minute-and-a-half guitar instro that would have sat OK on Tom Verlaine's film noir-flavoured work "Warm And Cool". Now, if that sounds as stupor-inducing like a hot and humid day on the back verandah of a creaky old Queenslander with a bottle of Bundy rum, then don't nod off too soon; the closer, "Go For Gold", shifts the noise levels up a dB or two with a big chorus underpinned by a folky bedrock. A classy piano melody brings down the tattered curtain.

The Gonzo Show are a little laid back, very organic and a step removed from much of their competition on this showing. They don't bounce around like indie kids or post-punk sops, so much as rumble around with an arresting groove.

File The Gonzo Show under "psychedelic" but don't be too quick to pigeonhole. At times it sounds like they wanted to show off as diverse a range of songs as possible on their debut EP, and then I read a bio line about their album-in-progress likely to be broader in its scope. Well, bring it on. The band sounds up to the challenge. - The Barman
- 1-94 Bar

"Zlato Baby"

Did Brisbane suddenly get way cooler?
I keep hearing that all the good music is in Melbourne. But the truth is most times I step out to catch a gig or pick up a new album, I can’t believe the stuff is local. Whoever subscribes to this Melbourne-envy obviously hasn’t got their ear to the ground. The Gonzo Show are just one of an ever growing list of, in my opinion, successfully kick-arse bands to be gracing Brisbane’s indie scene. The influences the band list are instantly apparent on listening. But with a list like Dinosaur Jr, Velvet Underground, Pavement and Sebadoh (to name a few), who could complain about that? Dreamy electro guitar noise, deliciously delicate but prominent bass-lines, a steady, driving rhythm section and a vocalist whose melodies scream ‘sing with me!’ make for worthwhile listening. The melt in your mouth bass on track Brownfox is the highlight for me. Check out Red Cherry Stains too.
- Rave Magazine


Members of The Gonzo Show have been sauntering around the venue since the start of the gig, so when they finally take to the stage to a now teeming crowd of fifty people, there is already the ersatz sense of familiarity their intimate, psychedelic indie-rock implies. Songs like opener “Steve Shelley”, with its wickedly searing guitar solos, loping bass line and drawled vocals are charming exercises in mind-expansion, while the simmering twisted guitar lines and cascading, dippy refrain of “Red Cherry Stains” explore a fantastic realm between stoner-genius and hipster-irony. There are some issues to be had with Gonz’s occasionally monotonous vocals, but ultimately The Gonzo Show close the bill admirably, wrapping up a gig that, completely unjustly, bypassed the unwashed masses.
- TIME OFF MAY 21, 2008 - Matt O’Neill

"Zlato Baby album review"

This album is a wonderfully dynamic and upbeat composition. The music is never overdone, relying on organic instrumentation and vocals rather than the heavy electronic additions so often found in contemporary rock music. The result is a refreshing and honest mix of hazy sixties-style rock (reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or The Who) and a modern alt-rock feel (influenced by nineties rock bands like Pavement.)
Track 2 “Brownfox” – This moderately-paced instrumental track is short and sweet. The minimal instrumentation highlights the musicianship of each separate element, and the resulting track does a great job of showcasing the band’s technical skill in addition to their compositional talents.
Track 4 “Red Cherry Stains” – Looping guitar lines give this upbeat track a pleasantly hazy, laid-back feel. Liberal amounts of breezy synth echoes add complexity and solidify the breezy sensibility. The solid electric guitar/drum bridge creates a rockier feel, and provides an interesting change of pace.
Track 5 “Green Apple Eye Girl” – This upbeat, rhythm-oriented song is folksier and more country-rooted than the other tracks. Vocals and poetic lyrics take center stage, balancing well with steady electric guitar and bass lines. The refrain features a larger vocal chorus, combining with acoustic guitar and toe-tapping drum beats to create a warm, uplifting feel.

- Hannah VanderPoel of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion (USA)


Zlato Baby – EP released 2007
Steve Shelley – Single released August 2009
Neuron Fire/ Frozen Sands – Single May 2010

Radio Play
Currently number 8 on the 4zzz fm top 20 charts
The Gonzo Show are currently on the rotation list for iRadio LA, Canadian Banana Peel Radio and the worldwide AFC Network.
Zlato Baby was in the top 10 for the 4zzz fm play list for several weeks and reappeared a couple of months later in the top 20. The Gonzo Show now receives regular 4zzz airplay.

Tours/ Festivals
Weststar Music Promotions touring support band
the Gonzo Show have recently been selected to play at the Western Australian WAMi Festival
'East and West Coast' tour of Australia to promote the 'Steve Shelley' single
Chosen to play as part of the Australian Songwriters Live in LA.
In October 2008 the Gonzo Show played at the Queensland Multicultural festival, where more than 65,000 people attended.
Static Baby Traces Tour in June 2008 some of Australia’s finest up and coming bands.
Zlato Baby tour of Melbourne to play gigs at the Ding Dong Lounge, Revolver and Blue Tile Lounge.
Played as part of the Fete de la musique festival in Brisbane

The song “Sunnyside up” featured in the Brenden Margieson “Margo” surf documentary “Wanderjahr”.
They also featured in an Energex television commercial, which was released in January 2008.
Anthony Nowak from the band was asked by Cancer Council, which is the largest cancer charity in Australia to record a song to be used for their thank you clip. This will be launched during Daffodil Day which is their largest fundraising event in Australia and distributed to over 200,000 people.

Won the Kirra Teams Challenge Band Competition



What do they sound like? A combo of melodic American indie early 90’s and 60’s rock revival.

Who are the Gonzo’s? A Brissy 4 piece who spawned in 2006 and are now establishing themselves nationally. Their resume includes 2 tours to Melbourne and 2 to Perth (including the WAMI’s) and heaps of local and SE QLD live shows.

Releases: Split Screen EP (2006), Zlato Baby EP (2007), Steve Shelley Single (2009), Neuron Fire / Frozen Sands Split (2010)

Having formed in early 2006 by two brothers Anthony and Michael Nowak, the band has spent the last few years establishing themselves in the Brisbane and Australian indie scene.

The band was recently selected as one of only two interstate bands to attend the WA WAMi music 2010 conference to showcase their music. In light of this the Gonzo Show launched another new single ‘Neuron Fire / Frozen Sands and tour Australia.

In late 2009, the Gonzo Show toured through eastern Australia and Perth to promote the release of their single ‘Steve Shelley’.
The single ‘Steve Shelley’ received great reviews ...with its wickedly searing guitar solos, loping bass line and drawled vocals are charming exercises in mind-expansion, while the simmering twisted guitar lines and cascading, dippy refrain of ‘Red Cherry Stains’ explore a fantastic realm between stoner-genius and hipster-irony.” (Time off)

The band has been selected to play in OzCity Australian band showcase at the Viper Room in LA and as part of their USA tour and will take advantage of some radio interest over there.

Their debut record Zlato baby was released independently in August receiving unanimous positive reviews... “I can’t believe the stuff is local. The Gonzo Show are just one of an ever growing list of, in my opinion, successfully kick-arse bands to be gracing Brisbane’s indie scene. Dreamy electro guitar noise, deliciously delicate but prominent bass-lines, a steady, driving rhythm section and a vocalist whose melodies scream ‘sing with me!.” (Rave Magazine)

The EP received Top 10 status on the local 4zzz FM indie radio play list for several weeks and reappeared a couple of months later in the Top 20. It still receives regular 4zzz airplay.

Enjoy the sweet sounds......