The Good Gods!

The Good Gods!


The Good Gods! make music with their hands, mouths and feet. If you'd like to know what they sound like your best bet is to have a listen. If you can't have a listen try and imagine Talking Heads, The Smiths & Johnny Cash in a blender with the lid off.


The Good Gods! - Biog

The Good Gods! have six legs, twenty four fingers and three hearts. Direct and indirect descendants of the Angryband, The Good Gods! came into being in the summer of 08’ though remain hidden for some months, only leaving the safety of the rehearsal room to forage for food, record and play the occasional gig. Their three hearts now beating in time to the rhythm of the inextricably talented Ed Seed, seem energized and improved. This new energy has acted as a spark of life which is given mass and texture by the nimble fingered David Hardy, on his ever evolving, uplifting yet grounding bass guitar. Leaving the mouth and mind of the beast to be supplied by the bespectacled Tom Hatred, who has been bubbling under the surface of the indie scene for sometime being called both an “anti-folk hero” in Dazed and Confused as well as a “new-folk starlet” in the NME, though it is with The Good Gods! he truly finds his voice, both literally and metaphorically.

Now fully formed and itching to go The Good Gods! are set to emerge from their rehearsal room chrysalis this Autumn with the release of their debut double Aside single on the Games Today record label. A jaunty and sometimes peculiar rockabilly number entitled The Heebie-Jeebies sits along side a remarkable and utterly transformed version of Robert Palmers Addicted To Love, which even though is yet to be released has had Radio One’s Rob Da Bank describe it as “great”. With an album set to be released early next year and a UK tour in the pipeline expect to hear much, much more from The Good Gods! in the near future.


Our debut double A side single ‘Addicted to Love and The Heebie Jeebies’ is out on November 2nd 09.

Set List

Lying On Our Bright Red Backs
Shut up Tom
I Wish I Was A Dog
When The Earth Was A Ball Of Flames
The Dogs
I Regret My Regrets
In Awe Of You
Bear Cub Dancing
Addicted To Love

Set's are usually between thirty minutes to an hour in length although we have enough material to play longer.