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"Overview of the Baybeats 2013 Auditions Round Two"

"We have already mentioned The Good Life Project before and for the second time running, we were firmly convinced that this band was a good notch above most of the others with its command of groove, melody and dynamics. Visually and sonically, it was difficult not to be struck by the performance of singer Pamela Song as once more, she dominated the stage with her presence and vocals, with bassist Tasha Wong and violinist Kim Eun Hying providing secondary focus. However, the efforts of the entire band, including keyboardist NAz, guitarist Sano Shimano, drummer Boey Yong Jie and turntablist Louis Q contributed greatly to the overall picture. And it was a very pretty one!" - Power Of Pop


Still working on that hot first release.



Take a bunch of people with instruments, a little bit of angst, a whole lot of humour, peppered in with genuine fun - this is what you will get.

The term 'Good Life Project' is a statement. A means of understanding. A lifestyle. For both the individual and masses alike to take that positive step and lead their way to the 'good life'.

In the earlier days, everything was simply serving the purpose of a musical getaway. Since the band is made up of established players in their own ranks, the intention was to have a group of people to play and create good music with. Originally brought together by turntablist Louis Q (DJ Intrigue), along with an emptied-out classroom in the after hours, the Good Life Project (GLP) had its humble beginning.

Shortly after, GLP was joined by Boey Yong Jie (Drums), Kim Eun Hyung (Violin), Sano Shimano (Guitar), Stasha Wong (Bass), NAz (Keyboards) and last but most definitely not least Pamela Song (Vocals). Instantly, a camaraderie was established. Before it was consciously intended, the little getaway became a strong 7-piece arsenal of artists ready to hit the stages. What came out, is completely natural.

Artistically, the band is heavily inspired by the circus and carnival antics; taking music to a place it has not been to in a long time, which is to tell stories. With working concepts of early 19th century circus movements, the band's songwriting approach is nothing short of a visual mirage of unspoken truths. Musically, the band is heavily influenced by both the old and the new. With artists such as Stevie Wonder, The Roots, Joss Stone, The Tedeschi Trucks Band, Maroon 5 and The Mars Volta, the list goes on and on.

As a band, the strongest belief amongst itself is to always captivate the audience. To keep everyone on their toes whether it is a live show or simply listening to the music, the mission is to always affect every individual on one level or another. People should be moved by music and The Good Life Project intends to constantly live up to that.

“Don't be afraid of the next step. It's time to eliminate that fear.”
- the Good Life Project