The Goodluck Assembly

The Goodluck Assembly

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

An energized, emotionally driven/indie/pop/rock hybrid


GLA has always wanted to leave listeners with something to think about. Theirs is a sound that makes you pay attention. Subtle, yet melodically complex, there is a freshness to The GLA that speaks of immediacy.

The group originally grew out of time brothers Bruce and Mike spent on Scotland's west coast, traveling and making music together. Torrential rains and handy guitars helped breed an original rock sound driven by dark, emotional lyrics that pretty accurately reflected their damp, sunlight-deprived environs. They found that unique musical chemistry that helped their songs transform, deepen and mature. Sonically significant, lyrically relevant, and full of hooks and layers.

The Goodluck Assembly released Demonstrations in May of 2013, the follow up to the 2011 record, Glowscape. Demonstrations is the result of GLAs quick sojourn to Brooklyn, NY in the Fall of 12. It was recorded leading up to, during, and in the wake of Hurricance Sandy.