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Chemistry Aligns

Written By: Brad Gardner

Chemistry Aligns

Meet me in the middle
Then pick your side
I think it's criminal
The way that you hide

If no one, can change your mind
No one

I just gotta be sure
With something so pure
No one can ch ch change your mind

Now that you think your winning
Don't be so sure
I think it's seasonal
The drive and allure
But no one, can change youre mind

I just had to be sure
With something so pure
If no one can ch ch change your mind

But you helped me decide

With your back to the walls
No sense of vision at all
It's a state of mind
You should try it sometime
released 09 March 2012
Music and Words written by Brad Gardner


Brad Gardner - Guitar/Vocals/Wurlitzer
Andy Joseph - Drums
Michael Zane - Bass/Tambourine
J. Bruce - Guitar

Drums Recorded at Phase One Studios
Engineer: Mike Smith
Assistent Engineer: Matt Snell
All other instruments and parts Recorded at Dream House Studios:
Produced by Crispin Day & The Good Luck Foundation
Mixed by Crispin Day
Mastered by Phil Demetro at The Lacquer Channel

Photography by Jen Budd
Design by Chris Carter