The Goodnight Loving

The Goodnight Loving




Mixing small town sincerity with big city sophistication is no simple feat, yet Milwaukee's Goodnight Loving pulls it off with a humble confidence that makes it look easy. Their sound harkens back to the days when Country and Rock & Roll were more than kissin' cousins, but updates it with a twist of irresistible pop. This was immediately apparent on their debut album "CEMETERY TRAILS." Recorded by the legendary Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Mary Weiss), the album went on to receive album of the year honors from CMJ New Music Monthly's Editor-in-chief. Just months after recording their debut, Goodnight Loving headed to northern Wisconsin to record in a secluded cabin on CROOKED LAKE. One play of the record will addict anyone to their sweet melodies and intelligent, prose- worthy lyrics; multiple listenings will expose rustic auditory atmospherics such as thunder and chirping birds, all caught on tape live at the cabin by friend and confidante Justin Perkins (Smart Studios). In concert they can bash out rockers with the best of 'em, or tone it down a notch to let their soulful musicianship take center stage. They've been scorching the scene in Milwaukee for awhile now, but have lately taken the act nationally with two U.S. tours and appearances at the Horizontal Action Blackout, South By Southwest and CMJ Music Marathon. They'll be returning to CMJ this fall as well as Gonerfest in Memphis and possibly a European tour by next summer. Goodnight Loving have a slew of singles slated for release on Bancroft, Contaminated, Hook Or Crook, and Bam! (Italy), which will blow minds left and right with their deep catalogue of original, timeless songs.


Cemetery Trails CD/LP (Dusty Medical Records)
Crooked Lake CD/LP (Dusty Medical Records)
Up North Girl/a couple of B's (Bancroft Records)
Drafted Into War/Life Ain't So Great (Contaminated Records)

Set List

Twelve or so three minute bursts of original treble.