The Good North

The Good North


TGN's definitive combination of Britpop's lushness with American edge has made them one of the must-see buzz bands in the Boston/New York club scene.


The Good North have firmly established themselves as one of the must-see buzz bands in Boston and New York. They have relentlessly played club and college dates across the northeast; their stunning debut An Explanation has become a critics' favorite; their music has played on over a hundred radio stations, including influential K-Rock (NYC) and WBCN (Boston).

TGN have pioneered a new genre in rock – combining the lush hooks of Britpop with an aggressive edge that is unmistakably American. The Boston Globe concurs that TGN's artful attack "teems with densely ringing electric guitars, grand melodic gestures, and a panoramic sweep of space and sound."

The future looks bright for the band, with a national tour slotted for the summer as the praise and the dynamic and dramatic songs continue to roll in.


Sept. 2002 - The Good North "Define Worth Waiting" EP [PVR VOLT001]
Jan. 2003 - The Good North "An Explanation" LP [PVR VOLT004]
June 2002=3 - "Your New Favorite CD Summer 2003" feat. TGN's "Postcards" [PVR VOLT005]

Radio airplay on over 100 stations.

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