The Good Right Arm Stringband

The Good Right Arm Stringband

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Old-Time Goodness...Fire on the Mountain Fiddling...Heart Broke Songs...Can't You Hear the Banjo Ring?


All four members of The Good Right Arm are veterans of the Canadian roots music scene. As a founding member of The Backstabbers Country Stringband, Tony Allen has been a proud part of their particular blend of old-time and honky-tonk country for over ten years. Kristine Schmitt has been fortunate enough to work with many great musicians in the roots community (such as Bob Wiseman and Dan Kershaw), and has also been a part of the Backstabbers since 2000, adding her high harmony to the mix. Sam Petite (also a member of the Backstabbers !) has had many years of experience playing blues, jazz and country with the likes of Julian Fauth, The Molestics, Helen Stewart and Licking Good Fried. Well-known in Canadian bluegrass for his work with The Foggy Hogtown Boys, Chris Coole has also gained much recognition for his recordings with both Arnie Naiman and Erynn Marshall.

The Good Right Arm formed in 2006 as a happy result of Tony Allen’s first solo recording “Steam”. While working on that project, it became apparent that there was a shared sensibility towards playing old-time country music. The result is a band that plays kick-ass old-time and honky tonk music the way they figure it should be played. The band is currently in the studio recording their first release.


Tony Allen - Steam