Good Season

Good Season


Good Season is a three piece band from Spring hill, NS. Keith McFadden plays guitar and sings, Jared Brown plays the bass and Kent Blenkhorn plays the drums. The band formed in 2006, they have released a live LP and plan to record their debut album in summer 2008


Good Season is a three man band from Springhill, N.S It originally forming in 2006 under the name Grate Illusion. With original members Keith McFadden, Jared Brown and Kent Blinkhorn. In summer 2007 the band found a new drummer and rhythm guitarist. The band starting going under the name Brand New Hat. In the winter of 2008 the band broke up leaving original members Keith and Jared to start a new once again and start a search for a new drummer. Trying a couple different drummers they where stuck in a rut, not being able to find a dedicated drummer willing to jam and play weekly shows. In April 2008 they decided to look up their old drummer Kent and start a new. Going under the name Good Season the band is took off quickly, With Keith’s Vocals and powerful guitar riffs, Jared’s steady bass lines and Kent’s ability to beat the drums and write words the bands energy is very unique. With a live album already under their belt they play to record their debut EP in summer 2008 then plans to tour to support it. Who knows what will be in store for these young guys from Nova Scotia.


Grate Illusion EP - 2006

Good Season live in Sydney - 2008

Waist Deep & Vitamins have gotten radio air play

Set List

1.Waist Deep
3.Washed up
4.Midnight Harlot
5.Lady in red
7.Bullets Fly
8.Set me free
9.I cant take this
10.Im here for you
11.Alone Again

Sympthay for the devil - Rolling Stones
Hey Joe - Hendrix
Redhouse - Hendrix
Take the money and run - Steve Miller