The Good Seeds

The Good Seeds

 State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Western PA Alt-Folk rockers throwing in some 7th chords for some Jazz type flair. The Good Seeds' music encompasses many styles from old school British pop to classic Americana folk.


The Good Seeds are a 5 piece rock band from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania. Fronted by two songwriters, Brooks Williams and Paul Patterson, one might catergorize the Seeds' music in the indie/folk/alt-rock genre. "It's a hodge podge of everything we've been influenced by growing up as well as an accurate portrayal of who we are and how we feel about life" says lead guitarist Mike Wertz of t
he band. Hints of classic country combined with pink-floydish psychadellic riffs can be heard in Patterson's song East of Freedom, while the song Preacher's Daughter is very reminsicent of classic Brit-pop. Williams songs are what happens when you mix serious folk rock with edgy Indie-Rock. The song, Long Way from Home, is a very beautiful ballad in the vein of Wilco yet the song, Half of a Pill, puts one in the mindset of a Modest Mouse number. It's seriously beautiful Chaos. Many of these songs have gone through a serious evolutionary phase during the past 2 years. The Good Seeds have 30+ original songs with only 11 recorded on their first self-produced album, Buy Me a Kite.

The Good Seeds have made the transition into a 5 piece project and welcome the recent addition (July 2012) of former Philadelphia musician, Beau Shirk. Beau is a multi-instrumentalist with some serious skills. He joins the band on keys and lap steel guitar. Rumor on the street has it that Beau is going to help Mike produce our next album in Brooks' basement. Can Beau make our sophomore effort greater sounding than Mike's fresmen effort? We think so, but only time will tell.


Buy Me a Kite ( album summer 2011)

Poor Me (Single)
Don't Have Much to Say (Single)
Feel (Single)
Head Spinning Round (Single)
She's Half of a Pill (Single)