The Good Suns

The Good Suns

 London, England, GBR

A pop rock guitar group who've been making waves around the capital for the last few months. Think Ariel Pink, Michael Jackson, and Blur. Great shows with Spector and Howler of late, and our video just went viral. Is it time to quit when The Sun proclaims your video the worst ever? Probably not.


The Good Suns' ethos is back to basics guitar pop: three-and-a-half-minute songs driven by a gracious balance of melodies, harmonies and 'slap in the face' scuzz guitar riffage, garnished with a gonzo rhythm section that's been groomed to bust audiences into a hip-shaking frenzy as if it was 1963 all over again.

The Good Suns are an ambitious guitar band, and you could pin their part of their gutsy ambition down to Bobby McBrierty’s obvious talent in his songcraft. They are aware that the quality of the song itself is the key to achieving something that stands out from the diluted indie crowd. The Good Suns know how to instinctively hook you in with a verse and startle you with a chorus without treading on familiar ground.

Where did it all start? Bobby developed a love of music at the age of ten when he was given (What’s The Story) Morning Glory on tape by his next-door neighbour and found a Blondie, Parallel Lines, tape in his garage. This urged him to buy some singles: Fire Starter by Prodigy and She’s Got That Vibe by R Kelly. It’s clear that this small musical pallet set the basis for some, if not all of his subsequent songwriting.

The band finalised their line up in September 2011 and since have gone from strength to strength. Last year was capped off with some amazing support slots with Spector and Howler, and their recent single had them emblazoned across The Guardian, NME, The New Statesman and The Sun for the video that accompanied it.

The next few months will see them release a slew of further singles music in the hope of truly cementing themselves as one of the brightest new guitar bands in the country.


Before I Sleep - single, September 2011.
Pop Wound - single, February 2012.