Good Vibes

Good Vibes

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

We're a band that wants to spread our love and appreciation of music to others. As a band, we know how to bring good music to good people. We play upbeat Indie/Afro-pop/Beach music, with an addition of noise and jazz. We're unique to say the least, but we have a passion, and we intend to deliver.


"Good Vibes is the kind of music that would happen if Jimmy Buffet was born in the 90s/late 80s and was a college student musician. So basically, very upbeat with islander sounds. They call themselves Afro Indie Pop Rock (?), to me it's just really beachy indie music. From what I can tell, their arrangements are pretty complex, they play a lot of major chords, and have quite a variety of sounds. Their live performances often include sappy one liners, and are pretty nice and loud. Similar to Lafayette's Givers, actually." - Blake Bumpus (Oceans and Chimneys)

"Good Vibes have been on the scene since 2010 and are another representatives of the future Lafayette indie scene.. These guys have tapped into that "Festival Sound" that has been popping up from Lafayette supergroups like Givers and Fights! Mixing ska type grooves and indie rock charm, Good Vibes brings a theme labeled simply by their name." - Jim Nobles (Not a Death Ray)

Influences: Broken Social Scene, The Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr., Born Ruffians, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot


Good Vibes (EP)
- These Rays
- Song for the Seafarer
- I've Got it All
- After the Matter
- Daniel Sadcliffe

Set List

Bon Voyage
These Rays
Song for the Seafarer
After the Matter
Santa Clara
Daniel Sadcliffe
I've Got it All