The Goodwill River

The Goodwill River


A little bit indie, a little bit country. Generally we just try to have fun and play some good music.


Our band started when Mike and Jerry started playing the same Portland coffeeshop open mics and really liked each other's music. They started hanging out and working on a couple of each others songs and it just kept making the songs better and better. Jerry knew Nick from back in the day and they'd played in bands together, and Mike met Keenan when he moved to Portland. We met Garrett through a common friend and thought he was a great addition to our sound. Our influences are pretty much everything from Mountain Goats or M Ward to bands like The Violent Femmes, The Mars Volta, Tool, and Perfect Circle. We're just getting rolling with this and having a blast and hope to play more shows.


We've got some tracks put together but no real "CDs" yet. We're starting work on one soon and hope to have it done by Christmas.

Set List

Our set list is generally all originals. There's some talk of adding covers, but we've got enough of our own songs we don't see the point in playing other people's. Songs right now are:
When Tomorrow Comes
Once Again
Say Hello To Gray
Something To Help Me Sleep
Hopeful Melody
Rats In The Hold
Stay OK
I'll Do
Beautiful Bastard