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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



In a word, WOW! - Madalyn Sklar

"The Bryan-College Station Eagle"

The Googe gives rock a woman's touch without compromising edge and power - (Excerpt)


Denise is a talented and versatile singer, guitarist and songwriter - Editor

"The Houston Press"

"Consume Me" (the debut album) is a good start from a promising voice - Editor


...a fascinating band. Gouge writes from her heart, head and from her life experiences. This is a rock-and-roll band with real passion...tremendoulsy talented band. If you wanna experience something truly special, head of won't be sorry! - Editor

"Channel 11 News"

The Googe needs to be on the radio. Better yet, radio needs The Googe. This group knows how to rock and rejoice all at once. The lyrics are bold and raw. "Dear God" stands out, with its "Rockestral" roots, unabashedly blending violins and electric guitar, and the lyrics are daringly spiritual, giving listeners not only memorable music...but something to think about long after the song is over. - Eileen Faxas

"Anthony Davis"

Cascading violins, violas and piano provide a sometimes haunting, sometimes exhilarating background for the progressive rock layers and inspired vocals. [Denise's] voice is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, and other female folk and rock balladeers. She doesn't over-reach in her vocals and Denise's voice has a quality of vulnerability and passion. I think The Googe is going to make it-'After All.' - Texarkana Gazette

"Eugene Foley"

Great music, intelligent lyrics and an amazing singer. The Googe = The Real Thing! - Foley Entertainment, Inc.


Consume Me is our debut release. Our new 3 song demo is available now!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Before you get to the music of The Googe, you have to get past the curious nature of the name. But for now let’s just put that aside, point your browser to and simply listen.

The focal point of this band is the diminutive Denise Gouge (vox, gtr) whose vocal style is a clear tribute to her rock heroes and heroines without being simply derivative. The band sports a solid rhythm section (Bobby Rundberg, drums, and Brian Baldwin, bass) complimented by Matt Kovach (gtr) who also provides a strong counterpoint on backing vocals. Ok so far, but the magic really begins when you realize that you are hearing full orchestral tracks within the song—and not just ELO or Silverchair techniques rehashed for the 2000’s. The orchestral arrangements are fresh, integral parts of the song and you can instantly feel and hear why the band takes their self-proclaimed title of ‘Rockestral’ very seriously.

Their music conveys a Panavision approach to rock and roll, and indeed, life itself. Orchestral interweavings within the rocking band give the listener a sense of epic stories begging to be told inside the world’s most ancient architectural spaces. Stonehenge, or the Parthenon, maybe. Although there are a few references to God-with-a-capital-‘G’ in their lyrics, don’t confuse them with a Christian Rock band. Instead, they are Spiritual-with-a-capital-S: transcendent in a sonically suggestible way.

Often compared stylistically to K’s Choice and Evanescence, The Googe have enjoyed great success on the local level being hailed as one of the best in Texas by regional print, radio and their faithful audience. The Bryan-College Station Eagle hails that this band “gives rock a woman’s touch without compromising edge and power.” With nothing less than the energy and imagination projected in their recordings, the presentation of their live performances are genuine and honest enough to satisfy even the toughest music critic. Dramatic, powerful and intelligent best describes The Googe who are staking out new territory at the intersection of film soundtrack and girl-driven rock band.

Which brings us back to the name. Other than being an obvious derivative of Denise’s last name, it stands in relative defiance of the transcendent vibe the band creates. It’s in the obvious tension between the band’s name, and their sonic identity, that you will find the gift of The Googe’s music in that the whole is much greater than the sum of it’s parts. If the name of the band calls attention of any kind to the music, then that’s a fine thing. In the end, the music speaks volume and the volume is great.