The Gorgeous Hands

The Gorgeous Hands

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Gorgeous Hands (formerly the Magnificent Snails) are a garage pop quartet that hail from Austin, TX. We play an eclectic mix of blues, garage, and indie rock with catchy hooks and punchy rhythms.

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"Formerly the Magnificent Snails, this clever pop quartet finds all the right parts on "Swear to Me." Building a wistful indie-folk backbone with gum-smacking hooks and strategic falsettos, the Hands' instinctive songwriting reinvigorates an overripe paradigm with pure transistor power. "Generator" boasts warm harmonies and an atmospheric build that's only slightly less compelling than the A-side. Expect an auspicious full-length debut in early 2013."
-Greg Beets, Austin Chronicle

"Before they were The Gorgeous Hands, back when they bore the less-gorgeous-sounding moniker of The Magnificent Snails, these guys generated some well-formed, acidic, garage pop-rock (check out the Baby Acid Trips EP ). Now they've put aside the stimulants and the Snail name, and have generated an irresistable pair of pop numbers for their latest 7-inch single. Nicely harmonized vox over alt rock guitar licks, propelled along some tried-and-true chord progressions and highlighted by truly righteous riffs. Two sides-worth of good stuff here."
-The Deli Austin

"...they brandish a kind of pop flair that manages to be both catchy and continually interesting. With touches of horns and experimental torques, the Snails can ripple with softly gleaming harmonies, bounce with a kind of Vampire Weekend punch of infectiousness and even cut funky, garage-glam with an effective relish."
-Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle, Austin Sound

"...The Magnificent Snails have changed their name to The Gorgeous Hands, keeping their flair for creative stylings of the catchy and the earnest, but adding a new sense of aim towards rhythmic song structures. Their new 7?, Swear To Me (That You’ll Stay) / Generator, gives you that structure with a upside-the-head slap of bass -'Swear To Me (That You’ll Stay)'- and then a tender country kiss -'Generator'."
-The Wounded Jukebox

"They write tight pop-rock tunes, and give off an ecstatic exuberance in the live setting. Rusty’s vocals sounds really strong, as did that of the backing vocals by the rest of the group. It’s always nice to see a band executing a tried-and-true formula with such precision and energy."
-Austin Town Hall

"This is a mature pop-rock record. And it’s followed by the Wilco-aping “Generator,” which is a near-complete break from their prior material, coming across as an epic indie rock anthem. Taken together, it’s the statement of a band ready for a new chapter in its existence, and one that excites me for the material that will surely follow."


The Gorgeous Hands (formerly the Magnificent Snails) are a rock/pop quartet with a fresh sound. The Baby Acid Trips EP, self-released in February 2011, showcased the band's influence-melding, pop-driven muse. Songs like "Mean Girls" and "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" touched upon the playful nature of this group and their willingness to try out any musical trope. In the wake of a line-up change, the band has embarked on a metamorphosis, beginning with the music. Though they still adhere strongly to the pop intuition that made Baby Acid Trips a Gorgeous Hands trademark, their music exudes a new level of musical maturity, with a bigger sound, tighter rhythms, and a polished lyricism. The band floats through ambient textures into poignant alt-country harmony. Their low-key indie rock rustles with angular guitar work and punchy rhythm, eventually ascending into sky-high hooks. This new material will trademark the Hands upcoming sound as they continue to re-establish themselves for a banner year in 2012.

-SXSW Unofficial, Austin, TX (2011)
-Festival of New Horizons, Austin, TX (2011)
-Narsfest, San Antonio, TX (2012)
-West by West Campus, Austin, TX (2012)
-MR. FEST, San Marcos, TX (2012)
-Total Crush Showcase, Austin, TX (2011)
-Total Crush 2 Showcase, Austin, TX (2012)


-Featured as 90.5 KUT's Song of the Day May 16, 2012

-Shared stages with The Sour Notes, Little Lo, The Boxing Lesson, The Preservation, Jose Feliciano, Yourself and the Air, Boats (Kill Rock Stars), Finding Fiction (NYC), Not in the Face, Sundress, Fierce Bad Rabbit, TV Girl

-Self-released Baby Acid Trips in February 2011 with distribution in local record stores, iTunes, and CD Baby

-Featured on Austin Town Hall's Summer Sampler Mix 2011

-Featured on Austin Music Weekly

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"Swear to Me (That You'll Stay)" b/w "Generator" 7"

A. Swear to Me (That You'll Stay)
B. Generator

Baby Acid Trips EP - available on CDBaby and iTunes

1. Decisions, Decisions
2. Mean Girls
3. Waiting for the Other to Go
4. Dozen Rozez
5. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
6. Baby Acid Trips

Gorgeous Hands (formerly the Magnificent Snails) Digital 7" Project - available via our Myspace

Help Rusty Bone Digital 7"
a. Help Rusty Bone
b. Baby Acid Trips [Acoustic Amble]

Capessio Digital 7"
a. Capessio
b. Do You Love Me, Hello?

Set List


Decisions, Decisions,
Mean Girls
Waiting for the Others/Dozen Rozes
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Song in G
Goodbye Good Vibrations
Soddering Iron
Lay Down in the Water
Take Over Song
Swear to Me That You'll Stay

The Weight by the Band
Last Nite by the Strokes
Icky Thump by the White Stripes
Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealer's Wheel
Shooter by Little Wane