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The Gorgeous Hussies

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Online Blogs & Podcasts"

"A fun-filled Salt Lake City-based power pop band with more than a modicum of jazz and funk influence. Their live performances are a thing to behold!"

"The Gorgeous Hussies have a comic attitude that makes their music downright exciting to listen to. Their new CD Sweet Surrealistic Queen is a melodic rhythmic treat that is mesmerizing, hypnotic, and just as mischievous as their band name suggests. Their reputation of being the hardest working self-promoting band out of Utah is evident by their tireless touring schedule."

"This was the band I came to see, and this show did not disappoint. They started the set with what I consider their best song "Pop Chanteuse" and added some awesome live flair to this and many of their catchy tunes. I especially enjoyed the use of a looping station and keyboard clips that seemed to be peppered throughout the music. I felt they brought the energy and funk that I've come to crave from live shows. I didn't want the music to end, and would highly recommend catching one of their many live shows around the area. I really think Utah needs more bands as fun to listen to as The Gorgeous Hussies."
~ Wasatch Music & Show Reviews

"The Gorgeous Hussies have a groovy, jazz-rock sound that makes you want to smile. The band’s lyrics range from songs about the struggle to balance family and work (“Kiss The Ones You Love”), deranged stalkers (“On The Phone”), the viciousness of the music business (“In Our Basement”), and Wal-Mart (“Wal-Mart”) to skinny-dipping (“Skinny Dipping”), indifferent crowds (“The Best Part”), Ogden’s decay (“Kill It Till You Feel It”), and exploited pop stars (“Pop Chanteuse”). The band also does a nice jazz-rock cover of The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” that sounds very little like the original. The band put on a good acoustic show that was a nice contrast to their electric shows."
~ Mark Hardcore - The Local - online


[Salt Lake Tribune ~ David Burger]
"A band that remembers that guitar-rock isn't dead; just in need of some resuscitation, and The Gorgeous Hussies deliver. [Their new CD] is a distillation of their live show, where Jordan Olsen prowls the stage with charisma, Ryan Smith pounds the drums with authority, and John Chatelain is a mad scientist, looping sounds so that the trio produces a sound that a seven-piece ensemble makes. The band doesn't fall into the boring pattern of verse-chorus-verse, and it isn't paint-by-numbers rock, either."

[Salt Lake Tribune ~ Dan Nailen]
"The Gorgeous Hussies bring their blend of groovy jazz, funk and rock licks."

[The Missoulian ~ Joe Nickell]
The Utah-based act plays a punchy style of power-pop interspersed with improvisational sidetracks – they call it “alternative jam rock.” But don’t let the “jam” jam your signals; these three guys neither look the part, nor play the typical noodling world-beat-jazz-funk material one came to expect during the early-aughts heyday of the jam-band scene. Their hometown paper, the Salt Lake City Tribune, declared the Gorgeous Hussies “a band that remembers that guitar-rock isn’t dead; just in need of some resuscitation.” That sounds just about right. It’s enough to intrigue me.

[Standard Examiner ~ Linda East Brady]
Five years into its tenure, this Ogden-based jam band scored a mid-sized label and is ready to take the show to the next level. The band has a strong outing in "Pop Chanteuse," its first single, a tribute song of sorts to the single-name teen singers like Britney and Miley. Another standout is the inventive rock jam "Steamroller." If you have friends who are fans of Phish and Pavement, they might like this homegrown take on the sound. - physical

"Promoters & Industry Quotes"

[Maxwell Morill ~ Starbar Booking]
"The Gorgeous Hussies are by far the hardest working Utah band out there!"

[Ori Hoffer ~ Park City TV]
“[The Gorgeous Hussies] are the hardest working self-promoting band out of Utah.”

[Jamie Bailey ~ Johnny Lingo Productions]
"As well as demonstrating a high level of professionalism and flexibility, The Gorgeous Hussies deliver the type of performance sure to move a crowd."

[Matt Brown ~ Starry Night Booking]
"Rock music, touched by the hand of experimentalism and folk, and fused with enough humor to provide smiles all the way around; The Gorgeous Hussies are a must see live band, and a daily listen in the car or on the pod of your choice. Not many bands are able to maintain a style that isn't always the most popular, the most trendy, or the most identifiable to youth, and still keep people wanting more, but The Gorgeous Hussies have tapped into a well of music that transcends the limitations of "scene" and "trend" and have done it with class and style."
Park City TV

[Portia Early ~ X96.3 KXRK]
"I love this band! Great guys!" - industry

"Weekly & Monthly Publications"

[SLUG Magazine]
”The Gorgeous Hussies have quite the reputation around the Salt Lake City area. Everyone is always talking about how cool they are and how dedicated they are to touring and by listening to their newest release, you can tell these dudes take themselves seriously. The band comes across as tight as ever on their recording and you can almost feel the energy they have coming right out of the recording. I give the Gorgeous Hussies respect for making a solid recording that truly represents what their band is all about.”
~ Jon Robertson

[Idaho Mountain Express]
"The Gorgeous Hussies are a tight band with a groovy sound that resonates a bit of the jam band beat, but with a lot of jazz and folk undertones. Not to be defined by the jam band music scene, The Gorgeous Hussies take pieces of it for their own experimenting. Their lyrics sound familiar, strewn with phrases of trying to understand the world within which we live, and ultimately it makes sense. The Gorgeous Hussies cover an interesting range of sound that is very new but rooted in classic style."
~ Sabina Dana Plasse

[Planet Jackson Hole Weekly]
"The Gorgeous Hussies’ new 10-song album, Sweet Surrealistic Queen, breaths power-pop-rock with an experimental jam thread—definitely their own sound."

[Idaho State Journal]
"You can expect The Gorgeous Hussies’ show to be upbeat, groovy, funky and rock driven, with tongue-in-cheek humor."
~ Linda Alexander

[Missoula Independent]
"The men in Salt Lake City's Gorgeous Hussies show you a thing or two about shedding timidity when they supply the pop and the rock."

[Flipside Magazine]
"The Gorgeous Hussies blend jazz and rock to deliver an organic sound.”

[In Utah Magazine]
”The Gorgeous Hussies are reborn from a jazzy jam band to a fiercely melodic alt-rock band.”

[The Davis County Clipper]
"The Gorgeous Hussies have a unique sound… composed of three members with vast musical experience."

[SLUG Magazine]
“Remember those big guys in high school that weren't the cool kids, but they were still friends with everyone because they were so funny and too damn happy all the time? The Gorgeous Hussies is three of those guys, who happen to be jazz geniuses… The influence of Frank Zappa is obvious with the lyrics.”
~ Jennifer Nielsen - physical


“Sweet Surrealistic Queen” – released October 13, 2009 [Slothtrop Music]. Mixed by Matt Winegar (Primus, The Breeders, Royal Bliss).

“Pop Chanteuse” – released July 28, 2009 [Slothtrop Music]. A four song maxi-single mixed by Matt Winegar and features a cover of Wannabe by The Spice Girls.

”Luscious Ladies” – release May 6, 2009 [NARRL Music]. A live performance concept DVD. Engineered by Ryan Smith. Mixed by Matt Winegar.

“KXRK X96 Live & Local - Best of Utah 2008” – a compilation of Utah’s best bands in 2008.

”Oh! Hello” – released November 1, 2006 [NARRL Music]. The band’s original six-song demo/EP. Produced by the band. Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Smith



Since the summer of 2006 this Salt Lake City based rock outfit has been tirelessly touring and entertaining audiences at venues throughout the Western United States and don’t show any signs of slowing down. The band was described as “the hardest working self-promoting band out of Utah” by award winning journalist Ori Hoffer of Park City Television and “by far the hardest working Utah band out there!” by Maxwell Morill of Starbar Booking & Promotions. The Gorgeous Hussies have developed lasting relationships with venue promoters and are repeatedly asked back for encore bookings. ** Performance attendance records have been kept since 2007.

In May 2009 The Gorgeous Hussies signed with Slothtrop Music who nationally released and distributed their most recent album “Sweet Surrealistic Queen”. In the album’s first week 150+ CMJ radio stations added the new record into rotation and that number grew to over 210 towards the end of 2009.

With a never ending passion to continually evolve and find new ways to affect their audience, The Gorgeous Hussies embarked on their most ambitious live performance to date with their “Get Up And Groove” 2010 tour. An aural and visual experience that combined addictive melodic jams, hypnotic groove, epic rock riffs, and a light and video performance meant to hypnotize the senses and transform participants’ state of mind.

The Gorgeous Hussies have been met with much fanfare from press outlets throughout the different regions they’ve toured. Newspapers, radio, and television stations have all been both gracious and enthusiastic in promoting and showcasing this rising trio and have spread the word to their audience about The Gorgeous Hussies’ upbeat and rock-driven live show.

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