The Gorgeous Hussies

The Gorgeous Hussies

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Epic riffs and melodic alt-rock meets progressive jam-band showmanship; as if The Foo Fighters kissed Umphrey's McGee and gave them the tongue.


Since the summer of 2006 this Salt Lake City based rock outfit has been tirelessly touring and entertaining audiences at venues throughout the Western United States and don’t show any signs of slowing down. The band was described as “the hardest working self-promoting band out of Utah” by award winning journalist Ori Hoffer of Park City Television and “by far the hardest working Utah band out there!” by Maxwell Morill of Starbar Booking & Promotions. The Gorgeous Hussies have developed lasting relationships with venue promoters and are repeatedly asked back for encore bookings. ** Performance attendance records have been kept since 2007.

In May 2009 The Gorgeous Hussies signed with Slothtrop Music who nationally released and distributed their most recent album “Sweet Surrealistic Queen”. In the album’s first week 150+ CMJ radio stations added the new record into rotation and that number grew to over 210 towards the end of 2009.

With a never ending passion to continually evolve and find new ways to affect their audience, The Gorgeous Hussies embarked on their most ambitious live performance to date with their “Get Up And Groove” 2010 tour. An aural and visual experience that combined addictive melodic jams, hypnotic groove, epic rock riffs, and a light and video performance meant to hypnotize the senses and transform participants’ state of mind.

The Gorgeous Hussies have been met with much fanfare from press outlets throughout the different regions they’ve toured. Newspapers, radio, and television stations have all been both gracious and enthusiastic in promoting and showcasing this rising trio and have spread the word to their audience about The Gorgeous Hussies’ upbeat and rock-driven live show.

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Pop Chanteuse

Written By: Jordan Olsen/Sam Potter

Back in ’96; she’s the sweetheart of the block,
Roller skates and a taste for Celine Dion,
Nobody knew what she’d grown into.

Dear old daddy’s dream was to live just like a king,
When he heard her sing he decided to cash her in,
Because the Bible never told him that exploiting a kid was a sin,
Now I’m…

Listening to the radio
She’s number one for the 5th time.
Not that little girl I used to know.
She’s a sweet surrealistic queen
Of pre-pubescent dreams

Save it for later ‘cause you know you’ve got nothing to lose,
Just face it she’s a regular Pop Chanteuse

Then in ’98 dear old daddy had a taste,
For the upper crust of existence; stuffed his face.
Just an old sad sack riding ‘round in his Cadillac.

Livin’ off the teat of his daughter so to speak,
I won’t be discreet. She was the idle of her age,
And dear old daddy had it mad just as long as she stayed on the stage.
Now I’m…


And if she ever gets out alive,
Away from the heat of the lights.
She’ll long for the teenage life that passed her by.

She’ll wonder what her life has become,
Where’s daddy when the money is gone
And there’s no one left to come home to…

Now that her fifteen minutes are up,
She screams “What am I supposed to do now?
Host late night infomercials and just fade out?”

She’s a regular Pop Chanteuse,
For which the world has no further use.
How could you blame her for doin’ what she did.
After all she was just a kid.

Pop Chanteuse

Harder Now to Recognize

Written By: Lyrics by John Chatelain & Jordan Olsen

People passing the people by / The same as the day before but the body’s tired / All of the people know all of our names / But they never know that we’re one in the same

Harder now to recognize me / Harder now to recognize me
Getting harder to recognize me / It’s as if we’re comatose and in disguise We’ve all bought in the lie

Time is a funny thing, it comes and it goes / The longer I’m living here, the less it feels like home / Some of us have lost our touch with feelin’ this town / And we can’t, get it back, no we can’t

I find it strange that I’m a stranger / In a place that I should feel familiar / Cause after all, I’ve built my life here / Because I know where I’ve been… I know where I am.

This is our town and I’ll love it till we win it / The more we try to get it I care / And I can’t stop, we’ll kill it till we feel it / The monster’s got us caught in a snare

And I’ve lost count / All the time that we’ve been wasting it’s time that we start taking this back / And we won’t stop, we’ll kill it till we feel it / The monster’s got to tire before we go

Weigh It Out

Written By: The Gorgeous Hussies

Weigh It Out
Lyrics by Jordan Olsen & Sam Potter
I’ve seen the best of every side
And both proclaim that they are right
And missed the mark so many times
I made rash decisions out of spite
We’ve pushed all reason out the door
Dug up mistakes we’ve made before
While ushering in a brand new era of complete disaster!
But when I close my eyes
I start to realize
We’re all the same inside
And is there something more
That we’ve chosen to ignore
A greater truth we cannot hide

You tell me I can do no wrong
All sense of reason’s dead and gone
Spinning the words to hide the guilt you’ve felt inside for so long
I understand the thrill you find
Free from constraints inside your mind
The error of our ways will surely bind us all in time!

In Our Basement

Written By: The Gorgeous Hussies

In Our Basement
Lyrics by Jordan Olsen

Please let us rock on TV / I swear you could like what we bring, you’d comment with things like / He’s got cool hair / I like his guitar / I bet they’ll go far as long as they don’t sell out / But it’s too late, we’re on TV, they’ve signed the checks, and they own me and you and me, and him, yeah us!
On second thought, we’ll rock in our basement
It’s cool down here, and we’re doing great
We’ll turn it up loud, and rock ‘till it’s late
In our basement
Please come and make us a deal / A four disc contract, I’d be that appeal / With all of your marketing guys / With patches on eyes / They’d say “hey believe me, we’ll put you on TV!” / TRL on MTV / VH1 and BET / Ok we’re not black, but we’d be so popular!
I’m learning that it’s all about enjoying the moment and not looking out beyond the horizon and living in doubt, and just thinking someday.
But I’m tired of lugging my gear / Through smoke filled bars, cigars and beef / And all that I’m hearing is “PLAY SOME SKYNARD!” / From barfly folkels and yokels and peers / We’re desperate for lights and fame / A touring bus and tours to play / And Lewis our mechan-gineer / Would be screaming in our face!


“Sweet Surrealistic Queen” – released October 13, 2009 [Slothtrop Music]. Mixed by Matt Winegar (Primus, The Breeders, Royal Bliss).

“Pop Chanteuse” – released July 28, 2009 [Slothtrop Music]. A four song maxi-single mixed by Matt Winegar and features a cover of Wannabe by The Spice Girls.

”Luscious Ladies” – release May 6, 2009 [NARRL Music]. A live performance concept DVD. Engineered by Ryan Smith. Mixed by Matt Winegar.

“KXRK X96 Live & Local - Best of Utah 2008” – a compilation of Utah’s best bands in 2008.

”Oh! Hello” – released November 1, 2006 [NARRL Music]. The band’s original six-song demo/EP. Produced by the band. Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Smith

Set List

The Gorgeous Hussies can perform up to 3 hours of upbeat, energetic, rock music; mostly original songs mixed with ‘tasteful’ covers.

Bookers, please be aware, The Gorgeous Hussies’ usual set is loud and dynamic. It’s rock music! If your venue or event has any volume restrictions perhaps consider The Gorgeous Hussies to perform at your venue as an acoustic act (which they love doing!). For venues with volume concerns the band can strip down to an upright bass and acoustic guitar for more intimate acoustic performances.

*** A Note To New Venues ***

New venues have enjoyed booking The Gorgeous Hussies not only because of the band’s fun upbeat rock show, but also because of their diligent promotion efforts in the different cities they’ve played.

"[The Gorgeous Hussies] are by far the hardest working Utah band out there!" ~ Maxwell Morill, Starbar Booking

“[The Gorgeous Hussies] are the hardest working self-promoting band out of Utah.”
~ Ori Hoffer

Each city they tour t