the Gornys

the Gornys


The Gornys are a 4-piece from the West-Side of Chicago that reminds people of the Ramones, Black Flag, The Misfits, etc. The music is up-tempo and the band is tighter than the girl next door on prom night. Mostly original music in the Gornys' set but they throw in some covers for kicks. Check em out


From a filthy, run down shack on the west side of Chicago, the primal infant cry of The Gornys echoed among the alleys. Four unique musicians realized a Manhattan Project of sorts that fused them into the four-headed monster named The Gornys.

Billy, Kelley, Myron and Phil come from diverse backgrounds but share the desire and drive needed to make The Gornys sound like a kick in the ribs.


Get a Helmet - 2008 - 11 song self-produced demo

Set List

We play 45 minutes to an hour of original music with a cover or two thrown in if we feel like it.