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"Red Light, Green Light, Here's the GO show"

Murfreesboro, I would like to present to you The Go Show. This quartet of talented musicians has been together since 2002, when three of the band members moved to Murfreesboro and met their latest addition to the group. Since adding a new member, The Go Show has expanded their sound, allowing them to give their fans one of the best live shows in this area.

The Go Show, formerly known as Go, is composed of four band members who each bring something different, yet equally important, to the sound known as The Go Show. The band members are Chris Nicotera on the guitar, Phil Buck on bass, Dave Benedict on trumpet and John Daniel on drums. Together these four guys make a sound that is extra funky with a feel of the oldies. Their music is a combination of funk, jazz and electrical blues. When brought together, it gives a sound of soulfulness and flattering improvisational music. The Go Show's music is influenced by the music of the Grateful Dead and Phish, which is just a small portion of what you will hear when you go to one of their live performances.

The Go Show has been playing in the Murfreesboro area for four years now and has gained a faithful following. In an interview with The Go Show, they gave more insight on their achievements, pressures and where they want to take their music.

Exposure: What do you think is your major achievements so far?

The Go Show: We went on a summer tour. We went from Murfreesboro to Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, AR, Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Baton Roughe, LA and back to Murfreesboro. The tour gave us a chance to promote our music and give our audience a great live performance. We are also starting to record an album. We have not recorded one yet because we have a philosophical feeling about playing live.

Exposure: What is the pressure you feel is put on you from being known as The Go Show?

The Go Show: There is huge pressure from the industry to do what everyone else does. Due to our strong feeling on playing live, we feel it is our job to continue to give great live performances and not fall in the mode of recording and then promoting. We have a different connection with music, for us live music is a great expression of life.

Exposure: Would you like to work with anyone on some new music and where do you want your music to go?

The Go Show: We would love to work with Karl Denson of Karl Denson's Tiny Universe. We would also love to work with Herbie Hancock, which is a great influence on our band.

Exposure: A year from now do you think you will still be making the same music? If so why, and if not why and what will the change be?

The Go Show: No, because every show is different. We see how everything changes and comes to become our own new sound.

The Go Show has not allowed the pressure of the music industry to push them into the typical sound and mode of making music. With a strong philosophy of the live performance, they have continued to expand on their original idea of making their sound different at every show. They will give the city of Murfreesboro a chance to witness their musical expression at their show on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Mellow Mushroom. They also have an upcoming show with Stomp Donkey, and will be recording a song titled "Free Beer" with a local band.

The Go Show is something different from the bands heard in this area. They have proven they are different for great reasons and that they are here to stay. - MTSU Sidelines Student Newspaper

"Go Show and Stomp Donkey Wailin' at Wall Street"

Marc Williams 26.JUL.07
While the Winslow Family Band couldn’t present the Murfreesboro debut of their Color Album concept on July 12 due to member Stanley K., Mr. Yellow if you will, breaking his hand, Stomp Donkey and the Go Show still took their jams to the Wall Street stage.

Stomp Donkey opened the night with their very sweet and soothing three-part harmonies and groovy ballads.

Guitarist Leo Johnson doesn’t even need electricity to add excitement and flair to his brilliant classical guitar solos.

The Go Show then took the stage and the crowd was digging it from note one.

The group, comprised of Chris “C Note� Nicotera on guitar, Phil Buck on bass, Dave Benedict on trumpet/congas and John Daniel on drums, has a sound all its own. The trumpet adds a ghostly vibe that comes in and out of the music to really give the band its uniqueness. The players go from reggae to jazz to rock back to jazz to blues to funk with ease and authority.

Now chops are fine and dandy, and all and these guys definitely have that going on, but personally, the more diverse and dynamic a show is, the more The Pulse gets into it—and The Go Show flipped the script several times, improving a good portion of the show to top it all off. Get your ass out to see these guys. - Murfreesboro Pulse


the GO show EP (2006):
Gotta Do That Work
Phantom Power
Pirates of the Grand Floridian
Living in the Jungle

New Album Forthcoming! (2008)



the GO show, a quartet of party animals, specializes in taking the finest selections from the golden era of funk, jazz, and electric blues and blending it into a melee of improvised party grooves. Since February of 2002, this band of brothers has taken the methods of jamming from the likes of the Grateful Dead and Phish to another level. Using the formulas of jazz standards and applying them to pop tunes from throughout the last century, the GO show has created a brand new style of raw soulfulness and fully improvisational music. Often playing for two to four hours without a stop in a on-going, emotionally-intense ride, the GO show always rocks their audiences with a mix of covers, original songs, and jams which have never been heard before the moment of their perfomance. We are in the midst of recording our first full length album, and we just finished recording "the Colors album" with our side project the Winslow Family band. "The Colors Album" is scheduled to be released in March 2008!