the GO show

the GO show


A jam band, a dance party, a movement. the GO show is music grown from a puree of blues, funk, and jazz. It is pleasure for the mind and the body.


the GO show, a quartet of party animals, specializes in taking the finest selections from the golden era of funk, jazz, and electric blues and blending it into a melee of improvised party grooves. Since February of 2002, this band of brothers has taken the methods of jamming from the likes of the Grateful Dead and Phish to another level. Using the formulas of jazz standards and applying them to pop tunes from throughout the last century, the GO show has created a brand new style of raw soulfulness and fully improvisational music. Often playing for two to four hours without a stop in a on-going, emotionally-intense ride, the GO show always rocks their audiences with a mix of covers, original songs, and jams which have never been heard before the moment of their perfomance. We are in the midst of recording our first full length album, and we just finished recording "the Colors album" with our side project the Winslow Family band. "The Colors Album" is scheduled to be released in March 2008!


the GO show EP (2006):
Gotta Do That Work
Phantom Power
Pirates of the Grand Floridian
Living in the Jungle

New Album Forthcoming! (2008)

Set List

the GO show has the versatility to play sets as long as 4 hours. Typically we play a 1 hour set when performing on a bill with other bands. If we play the bill alone we typically play two 1.5 hour sets with an encore.

Sets consist primarily of original material with a blend of covers/standards and jams.

Sleazy Teasy
Crystal Ball
Duck Duck Goose
Peanut Butter and Jam
Pirates of the Grand Floridian
The Rain in Spain
Phantom Power
Thorax Attacks
Gotta Do that Work
World Theme
Theme of the World
Zoisa Authority
Whoopie Do La Dave
Te Apprecio
Lazy Daze
Motorcycle Boot Selection #1
Cruise Control
At the Fool's Ball
Living in the Jungle
Free Beer

Shakedown Street
One More Saturday Night
Lively Up Yourself
Soul Shakedown
Watermelon Man
Willie the Pimp
Natural Mystic
I Wish
Comin' Home Baby
Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay