The Gospel Disciples

The Gospel Disciples


HIGH energy gospel music with a live band in the background


During the winter of 1980 five members of the Shiloh Baptist Church Male Chorus met after rehearsal in the home of the late Matthew McDonald (bass singer) in an effort to form what is now known as the Gospel Disciples. The late Harvey King (bass guitar/lead vocals) was the originator of this idea. Arnold McDonald (lead guitar/singer), Israel Wells (lead/2nd tenor), and Joseph Hollman (lead/2nd tenor and baritone) were the other members of the group. After a few meetings, the group decided to enrich the harmony of the group and added another voice, Edward Majors, (lead/1st tenor). Then the group added Leon Hayward (percussionist) and finally George Ackerson (keyboards).

In June 1981, the Gospel Disciples celebrated their first anniversary at then Ranges Temple Christ of God in Christ. In the past 20 plus years, the Gospel Disciples have traveled up and down the east coast spreading the gospel mid west far as Detroit Michigan, north far as Connecticut and as far south as Georgia and every state in between, Within our history, with faith and determination, we were very proud to record. Our first recording was written by the late Harvey King entitled ''Wait on the Lord''. Arnold McDonald wrote the second recording entitled "Keep Your Hands In God's Hands". The group recorded its first live CD in 2001 entitled "Lord Have Mercy''. The Gospel Disciples have been blessed to appear on services with the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Wilmington/Chester Mass Choir, The Soul Stirrers, Gospel Keynotes, The Gospel Pearls of Philadelphia, The Gospel Jazz Ensemble, The Temptations and many other recording artists. The group has received numerous awards and citations for its community excellence.


The group recorded its first live CD in 2001 entitled "Lord Have Mercy''

Set List

can do 3 sets

each set can be 45 minutes to 1 hour