The Gospel Singing Ministry of Greg Finch

The Gospel Singing Ministry of Greg Finch


It is sincerely from the heart southern gospel music.I have written some beautiful gospel songs and music. The fans around where I sing have come to love them. I going to even write more. I feel the people will let you know when it's good, and I have to answer to Jesus Christ if it's not real. Grace


I'm 46 years of age. I have been playing and singing for nearly 40 years. I was raised around country and gospel music all my life. My goal is to do this full time. I have written 28 gospel songs and 2 country songs. I have won (2) awards for "Most Promising male vocalist of the Year 2006/2007. One was with the gcgma(Georgia Country Gospel Music Association) The other was with NACMAI North American Country Music Association International. I feel that I sing with a lot of heart and emotion. People have told me I sound a lot like George Jones, Ricky Scaggs. I just want to be myself and Connect with the people to give them something to believe in. Now that I have written several songs i feel I can offer even more.


This is a work in progress. I don't have any releaseses as of 06/25/2007.

Set List

My set last an hour or so depending on the crowd. I have had sets last 2 1/2 hours when another artist cancels.
I have 20 to 30 songs that I can perform at each set and have others to fall back on.