The Gourmet Parlour

The Gourmet Parlour


"The Gourmet Parlour Tour" featuring Emaline Delapaix (AUS) & ? Two weeks of utterly, delicious, gourmet mayhem ”singing about food, sex, road trips, spank me men, life, pyjama’s and of course love”.


Two fantastic singer-songwriters from opposite ends of the earth will come together for a series of special shows in ? for two weeks of ? 2006 incorporating piano, strings, trumpet, acoustic guitar & percussion into their set.

Blending their divine voices and tasty music, ? and Emaline Delapaix's shows are sure to be a treat, showcasing original cabaret pop, folk rock, jazz froots, ragtime, latin flavours and a handful of fun, scrumptious and entertaining cover versions that are sure to delight!

Emaline Delapaix is an Australian singer songwriter who possesses the unique talent of being able to blend seductive vocals with fiery melodies, merging many genres of music to create her own delicious sound. Her performances are fun, honest and captivating and incorporate anything from lilting lullabies to funky folk, jazz roots, latin flavours, rockabilly, bluegrass, lazy cabaret and lush eclectic pop/rock from an Australian perspective, as well as a handful of foreign and traditional songs.

Quebecs ? is a rare breed of classical influence with a brazen modern pop twist –blending youth, humor, style, artistry, introspection, technique and an original voice that is as powerful and captivating as it is understated and haunting.


Several releleases as solo artists

Set List

Melting Down
Midnight Lullaby
Down This Road
Over The Sea
Bug Song
Stretched Out At Your Grave
Slow Down
Money Money Money
When You're Wearing My Pyjama's
I loved A Girl
Spank Me Man
To Pay The Rent
Friday Morning Lullabies
You Don’t Look Like Your Photograph

As well as a bunch of old time blues, jazz, cabaret style covers.