The G.O.V. AKA The Govament

The G.O.V. AKA The Govament

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G.O.V. Life! We are selling more than music this is a lifestyle! The Lifestyle of a Dollartician


Name the last rap group to leave an indelible mark on the conscientious of the hip hop nation. According to MTV you would have to go back to 1994 when Outkast, funked their way onto the scene. Similar to their 1994 counterparts The G.O.V. manages to substitute gun play with substance, bling bling with lyrical meaning, and thug overtures with a relenting desire to tell the truth in all recordings. Even when doing so leaves them exposed to human frailty; such as the track "Behind Bars"where they invite you to come behind their 16's and witness the side of the human psyche that hip hop typically leaves unshown.

The G.O.V. consists of 2 members who also own the label house to The G.O.V., G.A.M.E. Music Group, LLC: Nile "Nu' Heffna The Mayor" Nu'Man CO-CEO and M.C., Jawara "Jay The Gov-Na" Lee CO-CEO & M.C.. This two pronged attack is anchored by in-stellar production courtesy of various local producers who together make up the foundation for what The G.O.V. call's "Dollar City Funk" The uniqueness of this group lies in their diversity, attacking each song from two different perspectives.

The G.O.V. lives by the mantra "We're Better Together". They are more than a crew of rappers. They are a family who have known eachother over twenty years. That speaks volumes to their comfort level, chemistry, and synergy. The group was formed on Georgia Ave. in NW, DC, with one vision by Nu'Heffna The Mayor "Give me one year, and let's see what happens". That pledge turned into a record label partnership, "G.A.M.E. Music Group, LLC", a clothing line, "G.O.V. Fashion Statement", a weekly e-newsletter, that turned into a TV show on Comcast cable "The G.O.V. Report". They have also noticed a cult like following developing amongst peers and fans, who refer to themselves as "Dollarticians" Aterm Nu' Heffna coined as the new milleniukm word for hustler. Hip hop hasn't been challenged like this since a few groups came out of towns in obscurity, NWA from Compton, Outkast from Atlanta and the original kings from Hollis Queens.

The 1st step in The G.O.V. campaign for greatness is releasing "DOLLARTIC$" The movie and soundtrack which is a collaberative effort with former member Intrigue. DOLLARTIC$" illuminates the group in such a complimentary light because, as an independent release, it can not be dimmed or overshadowed by industry zealots or politics.

The G.O.V.'s sound is a hybrid of hardcore east coast lyricism over smoothed out funk. Some are calling it "adult contemporary hiphop", we don't really like that title. It's musical, smooth, funky, melodic, hard edged it's a hodge podge of "real music" with aggressive lyrics and adult content. We talk about what adults go through in life. We talk about the grind, the struggle, the hustle, relationships and maturing in the decision making process. Our music is a reflection of where we are in our lives.

"Hip Hop had to grow up at some point right? Now that does not mean our music is pop or R&B. We still got some gutter music for you b.u.t the instrumentation sounds like we have a live band backing us...hmmmm...not a bad idea. Stay tuned for that."

If you have been tired of little kid hiphop or ringtone rap or backpacker rap or gangsta music where everybody dies or sells crack. We are an alternative. We are not the wierdo tight pants rappers either. We niggaz. Niggaz that grew up. That dude at your job who you knew used to be up to no good b.u.t. you see him and you go "he really got his stuff together, i bet he was wild when he was younger" thats what we represent. Street music that matured. 2pac had he lived to be 30. What would that have sounded like? We have a message, we have great instrumentation and we are lyrically unparalleled in todays rap market.


Dollartic$ Movie Fall 2008
Dollartic$ Soundtrack June 24th 2008
G.O.V. Life! Dropping October 2008

Set List

That's A good Look
Dollar City Funk
I'm A Dollartician