The Gozerians

The Gozerians


In their debut album, this St. Louis trio delivers five fast, upbeat pop-punk, sarcastic melodies packed with catchy, memorable hooks and riffs you're sure to enjoy for years to come!


The Gozerians are a three-piece punk rock band from the suburbs of St. Louis, MO that formed in January of 2009. Originally a quartet of in laws and old friends, all veterans of the local punk scene, they recorded their first demo in May of 2009. Only intended to help them book local shows, the self titled demo garnered attention in local punk rock media, some very positive national reviews, and a number of fans around the world. After a summer of local shows, the band struggled with lead guitar players, until they decided to continue as a trio.

They holed themselves in their practice space for six months, refining a new sound, and the fruits of that labor are complete. Their new EP "Squatter", released in July of 2010, is the band's triumphant return. With a new rockabilly and suburban inspired sound, a new style, and a new attitude, the group is ready to take on the world. The rest of 2010 will find The Gozerians touring and playing shows fueled by Malibu and cranberry juice cocktails and biting sarcasm.