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24: What made you guys want to rap? Who influenced you?
GPT: Cash Money, Outkast, Jay-Z, DMX, and No Limit.

24: What makes GPT different from other rap groups?
GPT: We all have different types of sounds and styles a lot of groups all sound alike and GPT is more like 3 separate artists coming together for 1 movement.

24: What are some of the projects you have been working on lately?
GPT: We just finish recording the album and working on our new mixtape “You Can’t See Us” and our Outkast mixtape “The Art of Story Telling.”

24: What major label do you want to sign to and why?
GPT: If we did pick a major label of course it would have to be a joint venture and maybe Interscope or Universal because Universal have cut a lot of big checks concerning label deals (Cash Money for example).

24: Now and days new artists come and go all the time, so why will GTP be here to stay?
GPT: The real reason why a lot of artist don’t stay consistent is because its throw away rap they are doing. The “Snap Music” is big right now but artist like Jay-Z has been here for years and years because he talks about real life and so do we, plus our worth ethic and energy we put in our music will keep us here for sure.

24: If you had a meeting with Jay-Z over at Def Jam and he wanted to hear one of your songs, which would it be and why?
GPT: I would play Jay-Z a song we just recently did off the album called “The Opera” it gives you everything that GPT has to offer the Gangsta, the Pimping, the Truth personally its one of the best songs we have ever done. Great lyrics, song concept, great beat!

24: Your new song “Monsta” has been getting a good response, tell me about the making of that song. Who produced it and who came up with the chorus etc.?
GPT: Nico produced the track he makes all of the beats. When I heard it I felt like when the drum hit it sounded like a T-Rex and he normally saves the beats under names and he had it as “Monsta.” We had 2 different hooks for it and eventually used both ideas and came up with 1 great song using the monsta concept and just crusing and riding together.

24: Where can someone here more of your music and find out more about you guys?
GPT: You can hit us up at the and if you want to check out some of our prior mixtapes you can go to WWW.DATPIFF.COM.

24: Any thing you guys would like to promote or say to the people that are reading this interview?
GPT: Labels, if you reading and you ready to cut that check holla at us and thanks to everyone who has been supporting Mississippi all day.

Interview by: Jay Carter -


The Sum Of All Fears- coming soon
"Unsigned Hype" oct. 2006 , "U Can't See Us" march 2007, SHOTTAS coming soon, The Art of Storytellin' coming soon

Guest spots: The Real Hometeam mixtapes Vol. 11,12



The G.P.T. Boys , "the super wal-mart of rap" everything you need.
The brainchild of an ambitious 11 year old from Gulfport, MS Antonio Mouring... enambered by fame and super stardom begins to take destiny into his own hands and starts a rap group. Joined with best friends Jaamel Faraar and GuY Jaxzon- Rae the three preteens stay up late nights and early mornings honing their skills and persona's butterflying into the The Gangsta, The Pimp and The Truth.....The G.P.T. is born.

The "G" in G.P.T.......
Maybe it's his humble Mississippi upbringings or fatigue of everyday life in the "poorest state in america", possibly the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Antonio Mouring, AKA Tito Lopez " the Gangsta"now 19... is the coined the gangsta, not because of gang affiliation or street grander; simply because of attitude the way he attacks life and the mic. Controlled fury would be the best way to describe his Category 5 flow. An ability to maneuver through the eye of the storm will leave T.I.T.O. standing as one of the greatest to ever to MC.

The "P" in G.P.T.
........."either slangin crack rock or you gotta a wicked jumpshot" -Notorius B.I.G
these words have reigned true for Jaamel Faraar ; Nikko "the Pimp" smart decisions and natural ability led the 19 year old rapper/ producer
toward the later and thankfully the wicked jumpshot kept him out of trouble. Gulfport, MS born and bred Nikko has bared witness to flash and shine of street- lure; influenced by jewelry, bigs rims, money and women mixed with ballplayer swagger Faraar, is like the second coming of cool...
a natural ladies man "the Pimp" embodies slick talk and superficiality....a quick learner and quiet focus earned Nikko the second moniker "the Producer" has produced every song on the G.P.T boys upcoming album "THE SUM OF ALL FEARS." The perfect counterweight to TITO's fiery flow and SiNCERE's ice cold mic controlling Nikko put's the "P" in pimpin'...

The "T" in G.P.T.
The truth is always takes the the longest to reach the people even in it's simplest form; maybe Jack Nicholson was right. As people need to hear the truth but we are so cynical it could look us in the eye and we'd still rather hear bullshit. At 20 Guy Jaxzon-Rae is "the Truth" with uncanny insight. A concrete flow developed in the cold DC nights and smoothed over in the southern summer sun SiNCERE's sometimes political, often uplifting and always entertaining commentary makes ones mind's eye wonder. His fundamental hip-hop mind state with new age rhyme scheme gives rap an overhaulin' that would do Chip Foose proud.