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the grace jones

Band Alternative Metal


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Dry Heave - licensed in May 2007 for a US based movie.
Empty Handed - UK wide Radio 1 Debut in March 2007.
Weirdlings - Airplay on BBC Radio 1 Belfast in Feb 2007.

All tracks are available to listen to at and can be downloaded at



the grace jones is based upon an idea conceived by manda and the goat in a field in eindhoven in 1998.

in april 2006 it finally started happening for real when goat started to create terrible noises for cathartic purposes in the back room of his house in belfast, northern ireland. he remembered the conversation with manda from 1998 and thought he would try to look her up to lay some vocals on the terrible noises.

after a dedicated thirty minutes of late night drunken googling, goat found manda... 15,000 miles away in auckland, new zealand.

not to be deterred by living on perfect opposite points of the planet, they went ahead and did it anyway.

this has involved several months of sending files back and forth between Northern Ireland and New Zealand, and communicating in short bursts in the 30 minutes or so of each day that they are both awake for.

the result is the grace jones.

Solipsism is the first CD for 'the grace jones'.

Both Manda & Goat are highly experienced live artists with excellent reviews available.

Goat was previously the driving force of Zerotonin and is currently in the successful Belfast based bands 'The Deaf Club' and 'Lotion'. Goat is an excellent guitarist and can turn his hand to lead, rthymn or bass guitar and make all sound amazing. Glenn is highly entertaining when fronting a band and has a unique voice and wonderful stage presence. Glenn is also a genius with electronics and he creates the music for 'the grace jones' in his home made studio. Glenn looks after the mixing/production of tracks for 'the grace jones', however it is a joint effort in that tracks are sent backwards and forwards with comments and suggestions from both Glenn & Manda until both are agreed.

Manda fronted the extreme metal band 'Through The Red' and received reviews in Metal Hammer claiming her to be the best voice in metal and many more reviews in fanzines and webzines along the same lines. All live reviews were in awe at the range of vocals and performance energy. Prior to Through The Red Manda fronted several other bands, writing lyrics/melodies in all of them. Manda used to play several instruments including the flute, saxophone, tenor horn and piccolo - she currently plays the bass. :) Manda was commissioned in 2005 to write a track for a movie, this is Empty Handed and started life as a vocals, drum and bass piece. Glenn has since taken this track and turned it into a bass heavy dance track. Manda is also a highly proficient actress with many roles to her credit.