Baby you're my Blue-Tic Hound and you got me walking...


Eli Schwartz and Katie Schecter (The Graces) met among the smoke and fog of a December afternoon. There are wax candles in the darkened room. There are lilacs on the table, but they do not smell. The lady next door tastes the leaves and concludes they must be from France: “If they do not smell you always can tell,” she says. But we like lilacs for their smell.

Katie Schecter, a New York City girl, daughter, granddaughter, niece, and sister to musicians and singers, grew up in and out of recording studios, previewing her brother’s demos and performing in her father's musicals. Despite the music in her blood, she was always too afraid to sing in her school's all-girl chorus until she met Eli Schwartz, born and raised in Brookline, MA, who had no such inhibitions, spent most of his high-school days writing songs, making records, playing shows and leading his band (all boys) with the most ambitious intentions. When the two met in the fall of 2007 through a mutual friend they instantly clicked and spent the evening drinking cheap red wine and reading Keats, Eliot, and Whitman. At one point that night, “Scarlet Begonias,” by The Grateful Dead came on and Katie began effortlessly singing along, coming up with her own harmonies unlike Eli had ever heard before. Musically in love with his new friend, Eli took her to his band’s cockroach-infested rehearsal space (in a basement somewhere beneath Kenmore Square) and the two sung songs together for hours. It would be four months before they became “The Graces,” but Eli thought only of the songs he and Katie could sing together. In the meantime Eli met John Pritchard (who was to become The Graces’s very own Phil Spector) and together they worked on songs and arrangements. When they were ready to start on an album Eli knew it was time to call Katie. Using Eli's bedroom as their studio, the three recorded together for January and much of February. None of the songs intended for the record were used in their original form. With Katie as the new addition, fresh melodies and harmonies grew like cotton in Dixie. A decidedly rough session and some cruel remarks from Katie served as inspiration for the 7th track, “I don’t want a girl like that.”

Influences: The Beatles, The Velvet Underground and Nico, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Ike and Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, Astrud Gilberto, Ray Charles and Phil Spector.


Blue-Tic Hound

Written By: Eli Schwartz, Katie Schecter

vs1: na na's
turn around: Your hound luck fails you, you fall to the ground, frownin' around, you're locked in the pound you're my blue-tic hound
vs2: a hound a hound....
turn around: Your hound luck fails you, you fall to the ground, frowning around, tied and bound you're my blue-tic hound
chorus: baby you're my blue-tic hound and you got me walking


Songs For John (EP)

Set List

Blue-Tic Hound
Climbing Up The Hills
Unchain My Heart (Ray Charles)
Closed Eyes
Three Way Man
I Don't Wanna Girl Like That
My Solo Misery
Cheap Wine