The Grand Architect

The Grand Architect

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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Inspiring people to innovate and reinvent the world of Music that surrounds them, The Grand Architect strives to become a Hip Hop Household Name.


The Grand Architect is a 28 Year Old Artist/Producer/Engineer currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has a exclusive sound which is all originally created. Dedicated to the hip hop movement, The Grand Architect's Goal is to have a crowd pleasing product in which all people can identify with instantly. His music is a great addition to other talented underground hip hop emcees. His production was featured on the “By All Means” album released by Diverge and Ethix (D&E Crew) in early 2008, courtesey of Landmark Entertainment. Tracks featuring Dent, Zion I, Black P, Pep Love (From The Hieroglyphics Crew)Sleep and more. In summer of 2009, The Grand Architect opened for Immortal Technique in Las Cruces, New Mexico at The Corbett Outdoor Stage. As well as recording a vocal collaboration with B Real (Cypress Hill), at "The Temple" (Former Fleetwood Mac Studio) in Chatsworth, California. Plus upcoming collaborative releases with Main Flow (Mood), J Sands (Lone Catalysts) as well as other nationally and internationally acclaimed emcees Such as Latin Thug's Own Akalmy and L.O.C. The Grand Architect is the definition of a well seasoned veteran.


Crop Circles (Feat Grand Architect)

Written By: Mark J Howell

Chorus 1:

The Harvest The Beat The Flow
The Harvest We Reap And Sew
The Harvest On The Street For Dough
Architect B Real All You Need To Know

Chorus 2:

The Harvest A Field Of Crops
The Harvest Are You Real Or Not
The Harvest Cause Were Building Blocks
Audio Hustlaz Will Kill The Spot


B Real's "The Harvest"

Set List

20:00 Minutes Total
Explicit Material.