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The Grand Audio Family

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"The Grand Audio Family"

We Didn't Start The Fire
Melding funky grooves to soulful hip hop jams with a hint of rock charm, locals Halfkast & the Grand Audio Family know how to get a room moving. Their music is the kind that will have you booking a reservation for the middle of the dancefloor.

Benjamin Wood aka Halfkast tells us why you need to be in attendance when the Queenslanders take control of Uber this Saturday night.
Can you describe Halfkast & the Grand Audio Family as if it was a trailer to a new blockbuster movie?
They came together in the name of truth, justice and to take down all those who opposed fat beats! Starring Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Mr T, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and John Wayne, TGAF are taking a fly kick to all the haters' faces this holiday season!
The live show - what do you cats bring to the stage that makes a Grand Audio Family show an experience?
Full on, flat out, sweat enticing mayhem!
How do you manage to meld so many different influences and styles into the sound that the band have cultivated as their own?
From the beginning there has been a great synergy and respect for each others talents within the band, that above anything has helped in the creative process of refining our sound I'd say.
There's a really prominent soul element to your music - where does that come from?
My love for Billy Joel, because he's all about it!
The lyrical content of the music - what inspires your prose?
Writing about everyday people, my friends and their experiences, that’s the real stuff!
Have you been spending any time in the studio? Is there a album in the works?
I promise the album is on the way, we have just begun tracking the vocals.
You're hitting up Uber for a big Saturday night party - what sort of treats are you bringing along for the evening?
Funk for your trunk, trust me!
Brisbane's hip hop, funk scene is a really vibrant, happening community. How integral is the creative buzz such a scene generates to local musicians?
It’s the food that feeds us!
The next step for Halfkast & the Grand Audio Family?
Getting onto Chuck (Norris) to play me in the movie! - Scene Magazine (April 2009)

"The Grand Audio Family"


The Grand Audio Family have a new record set for release early next year and apparently it’s pretty good, if DJ Johnny Human does say so himself.
“The only problems we’ve run into so far is having to adjust things because of the album’s pure awesomeness. At this point the album will be titled The Goods and pretty much speaks for the content. We are looking at a March 2010 release and will be dishing out some forward thinking promo, and most importantly some great music which Brisbane and Australia can be proud of.”
The material that has come about for the record stemmed from a lengthy break the band recently enjoyed that saw them return to the table with plenty of fresh ideas and perspective.
“We’ve always had a clear vision of what we wanted to create for the album and the break was just put in place for us all to do what is most important and that’s spending time with friends, family and each other without the commitment of regular gigging and promotion. The break did definitely contribute to some fresh new ideas that came to mind during this time though.”
If you haven’t seen the band live, Human says it is one thing that has to be experienced – words won’t do it justice.
“How do you go about explaining what goosebumps feel like when Jimmy Two Pies busts a solo that makes guitarists’ jaws drop, or the total energy boiling point you reach when Juice and C-Bomb put drums and bass together like soul mates!” he enthuses. “All topped off by the vocal ecstasy of Halfkast giving it all a purpose and myself and Mr Brown topping off the rest of your desires!” - Time Off Magazine (November 2009)


Turn Up The Volume EP(2007)



The Grand Audio Family is a band based in Brisbane, Australia. Formed in 2008, with members coming from music backgrounds of Metal, House, Punk and Hip-Hop, TGAF produce a loud, catchy and energetic audio assault of musical madness. TGAF’s sound is best described as “Hip-Pop-Rock” that mixes strong riffs and quality production overlayed with rap lyrics and plenty of sing-along moments.

For the past two years TGAF have been developing their sound in the local scene and have shared the stage with Foreign Beggars (UK), Jackson Jackson, TZU, Butterfingers, DJ Peril, and have been invited to perform at festivals like The Valley Fiesta, Caxton St Festival, Parklife, Blah Blah Blah and Out Loud.

The growth of the TGAF fan base is due to its members experimenting outside their musical backgrounds. TGAF understands that today’s musical audience enjoys fresh and innovative music that looks to the past for inspiration.

Having finalised the writing for their debut LP, The Grand Audio Family are currently in pre-production and promises to deliver an album that’s equal parts fist pumping, stereos blaring and good times. The final product will be fresh, free from fat and The Goods.

The band compromises of HK (vocals), Mr Brown (production), Jimmy Twopies (guitar), C-Bomb (Bass), Juice (Drums) and Jonny Human (Turntables).