The Granfalloons

The Granfalloons


The Granfalloons are a blend of Americana, Rock, and just a bit of southern twang. The Granfalloons strive to put the song back in songwriting and have some fun while doing it.


After years of being "hired guns" for other peoples projects the members of The Granfalloons decided it was time to put together their own band, record an album, play some shows and enjoy their own music. AJ, Seth, and Matt were touring around the country with the jamgrass band Blueground Undergrass, while Tommy was busy touring with the jazz/latin band from Atlanta, Squat and playing piano in nursing homes. After BGUG split up, again, AJ, Seth, and Matt decided it was time to focus on the music they wanted to play and who better, they thought, to join them in a full collaboration than their buddy Tommy. All it took was one get together at AJ's studio with bassist Neal Fountain for the guys to realize they had something special happening. The absence of ego and the ability to turn on a dime musically led the band to record a full length album with songwriting credits going to 4 of the 5 members. Since Neal was going out on the road with Jimmy Herring and co. the guys thought it best to find a permanent bass fixture, enter Chuck Bradburn from the band Southern Bitch. Chuck fit like a glove and was into it just as much as the others. Still joined by Fountain on guitar occassionaly The Granfalloons seem to have a real bright road ahead and look forward to getting the album out of Georgia, into the public eye, eating lots of spicy meals together, and performing together in as many venues as will have them. Coming soon...
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Real Life

Written By: Seth Hendershot with The Granfalloons

Remember the days of trippin' on
the fungus that grew up from the dung
and all the colors burst into clouds of joy

We'd yell at the sky and raise the roof
and all thought we were bullet proof
we'd always live in neverland as girls and boys

Well the bills piled up and the repo-man came and you started working hard to avoid the shame of everything you own being taken away

Thats when the real life
the real life settles in...

Multi colored push pins on a world atlas
and dreams of Italian boys she'd kiss
no roots to keep her feet planted on the ground

She'd travel to Morroco and northern Spain
buy a first class ticket on an aeroplane
and fly so high she never would come down

Well nine months later in a hospital bed one life is born and another one is dead, or at least thats how it feels at the time

Thats when the real life
the real life settles in...

Its hard to imagine even harder to explain
your life seems boring, stale, and plain
and the younger generation doesn't do it nearly as good

You try to get it up but you keep crashin down
your reds and blues turn to greys and browns
and you go to bed early because you know that you probably should

All hope is not lost its a win win game at least all the scroungers don't know you by name and you can only go up after being so low down

Thats when the real life
the real life settles in...


Songs to Sing LP
Independant Release

Set List

Sets usually range from an hour to 3 hrs playing all the material from our LP
Real Life
Nobody's Singin
Gave Up on You
End of the Day
Dmitri's Demise
Pura Vida
Brayden's Piano
Also new ones like
Burn This Down
Worth your While
When I Die
and covers like
Dear Prudence by the Beatles
Swingin Doors by Merle Haggard
Plastic Jesus standard