The Granite Lakes

The Granite Lakes


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Written By: Alex Dunlop

Omar was his name
He lived an aging life
Drinkin’ mothers milk
He shot his only wife
Omar was a father
Left all he had
His beautiful daughter
Stuffed her mouth with sand

With his bare hands

Omar was a dreamer
He lived upon the stars
He walked right into town
He walked from very far
Omar had a tongue
He was talking all the time
Preaching out the words
The words they took all night

They sound so right

Omar was a drunk
He was drinkin’ all the time
His horse was always ready
Waiting for his ride
Then was summers day
Omar he was gone
He left without a warning
And made peace with no-one

Omar was a ghost
He never was my friend
Always whispered wisdom
To the very end
Then one fine day
My baby left dumb
I thought about the words
That Omar he did sung