The Grannies

The Grannies


The Grannies play a music that moves through alternative & emotional rock n roll. The music is mainly based on a rock and melodic sound produced by a mood of vintage guitars, polyhydric drums & a blasting bass. Their music is of a complimentary mix of easy listening songs and explosive melodies.


In winter 2007 David Comanducci and Romolo Fondi (guitar and drum of White Taxi Cab) met Claudio Falconi who previoulsy was the main guitarist of Heavy Soul. After a few months of practising together, Claudio introduced his band mates to Michele Lolli, who immediately became the bassist of the band. They started as a cover band, but after several gigs around Rome their energy was obvious and the response was very positive. As a result, they decided to go on with their own songs, all written by David Comanducci, who became the leader of the band and the main voice. Immediately, the band started to play in the most popular rock n roll clubs in Rome (Sinister Noise, Liam Club, Mads, Led Zep, Contestaccio, Circolo Degli Artisti).
In September 2008, they joined the Gravity Fest and played with The Holloways, The Paddingtons and The Courteneers. They also performed with important garage bands like: Jack Of Heart, Mark Sultan and the BBQ show and The Satelliters. After all this success, they entered the studio in March 2009 to record their first album “One-night stand” with the Misty Lane- Teen Sound Records.


Demo- August 2008
Album "One nigth stand" (Teen Sound Records/UFO HIFI)- June 2009

Set List

Performance on stage (45min to 1 h)
Our songs list:
1- Sad song
2- Diddy wha
3- Death call from an autumn field
4- Melody
5- 1964
6- N-ever
7- Lift
8- Little poor girl
9-I said yeah!
10- One night stand
11- Children's panic
12- Too stoned
13- Blues
we also do cover from Beatles, Stones, White Stripes, Sonics,Trashmen