The Grape Jam

The Grape Jam


We are a Jam/Funk band from Brownsburg, In, our music is something that sets out from everyone else. We have our own sound and very catchy tunes.


The Grape Jam started out with two kids, Mitch and Jody, jamming after work at McDonalds. They soon added Bruce Sipes to the mix and began writing some new material that no one ever heard of. Using influeneces like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zepplin, Frank Zappa, The Mars Volta, and The Clash, the bands sound began to sound like something totally different than theyd ever heard. In October 2008, the band add their singer, Phil Sloan to the mix and the band now has a fantastic front man. Ever since, The grape jam has recorded their demo, Osama bin Demo, and has been working on a 20 track album due out in late august.


This May Not Work EP (instrumental) - 2008
OTNOT, Demo (instrumental) - 2008
Osama bin Demo - 2009 (on iTunes)

Set List

We change our show up a little bit every show but an average setlist for an hour and 15 minutes would be as follows, but we can usually go about another hour longer if we need too.

Example Set List:
Give You The Rhythm
Banana Groove
Hands On
Ugh Bitch
Boss Battle
Massa Piece
What's It's Name