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The Gravelings

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"Hennessy Scratch DeMos" 3 song demo
The Gravelings EP.

Currently working on The Gravelings LP. Date: TBA


Feeling a bit camera shy


Growing up in two opposite sides of the world, what in common do three people have... music and mayhem.

Mike was born and raised in a little town outside of Toronto and with the lack of inspiration to play sports turned to music. Where Mr. Lopes grew up in Portugal in a household of musicians. He played in bands that were support acts for musicians such as Bryan Adams, 10,000 Maniacs and Spin Doctors. The two met in a local college where Mike turned and said to George "your going to play in my band" after finding out that George played the drums. George went along to humor him. At first there were just jam sessions but as the two began to talk they had a lot more in common then they both realized. After a while they both wanted the same damn thing to be in a rock n roll band.

Dave Extine joined up to fill in on guitar but Mike could not sing and play bass so Dave took over the job on bass guitar. Dave was excellent at music but just didn’t have the same drive and soon departed the band.

Lurking in the corner of a dingy concert hall was ex-member of the fabled DNS (Do Nothing Suburbians). Before I knew it Adem Carlton emerged from the slums and Mike said "Join the Band" after a long dispute Adem gave in and filled the gaping hole at the lowed of The Gravelings.

Recently The Gravelings had the opportunity to play at the legendary CBGB’s in NYC. They were on the bill for the lounge act. With a rental trailer full of equipment and a video camera the boys set out on a journey of their life times. Now what is a journey with out set backs (a.k.a. US Immigration). The band was denied at the border due to taking jobs away from American Citizens. So what would any band do in that situation, lie? Well yes but attempt to win over the nice Immigration officer with constant talk of SEX AND THE CITY. The officer (who was female) was like putty in our hands and made us a deal which would allow us to cross the border with out our equipment. The boys arrived in the Big Apple with nothing more then the clothes on their backs and address that read, CBGB’s 315 Bowery. We took the stage on borrowed equipment and let loose a rippin 45 minute set complete with a NYC legendary song 53rd and 3rd by none other than the RAMONES.

The Gravelings continue to write and play across the greater Toronto area collecting more momentum.

Some of "our" influences are the RAMONES, NIRVANA, SONIC YOUTH. Take all that, roll it up, smoke it if ya want but what it will always come out as is something I like to call sonic death and distortion baby!!!!

The power of a band is not in the recording studio but in the live shows and that’s where we excel. As a great man once wrote the words RAW POWER!!! We don’t have a shtick or a look its all about the music.

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