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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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Kool Kat Musik
By Ray Gianchetti

WOW!!! Denny Smith (ex-fORMER) and mates have delivered an absolutely stunner of a sophomore effort that's a crunchy guitar lover's delight! It epitomizes an ideal for rock musicians: free-spirited and individualistic, knowledgeable of the past but not obsessed with it, and imminently capable of bringing renewed creative energy and passion to an idiom that sometimes seems devoid of inventiveness and edge. The band eschews all gimmicks and incorporates the best of both the singer/songwriter genre and vintage, surging, garage rock 'n roll. "Smith’s straining vocals play perfectly to the band’s Americana Pop sound. The music of the album flows so smoothly that you keep wanting more and more as each song is as well-written as the one before."m - JP's Music Blog "Smith is a soulful, rustic rock `n' roller whos has turned out a consistent string of fine records over the past couple of years, but toured tirelessly in their support. Great Affairs' music takes in the rootsy guitar rock, the strained angst, the wavery worry of the Honeydogs, the throbbing blood-vessel edginess of Pau Westerberg, and the soulfulness of Paul Carrack-era Squeeze. All delivered with a passion and desperation that demand attention. In the end, it's just straight ahead rock and roll. No frills. Not sappy, not loud...just oozing with great energy, good songwriting and a powerful voice." - Max Humphries One of 2010's best roots/garage rock efforts, this has elements of The Honeydogs, Will Hoge, The Replacements, and solo Tommy Stinson plastered all over it! Their music is the unwavering sound of born rockers that filter rock, soul, folk, blues and country through a prism of emotional authenticity. What emerges is undeniable. In other words, it rocks, it twangs, AND it pops big time! Can't say enough about this one! GREAT!!!! - Kool Kat Musik

The Amplifier
September 2009
By Pennman

As an added bonus, The Great Affairs, also based in Nashville, closed the show. I’m not familiar with their music but plan to be soon. They have a nice, plugged-in, acoustic guitar-dominated rock sound, sort of like Tom Petty with that often predominant 12-string. As a matter of fact they did a Petty cover, but this was a show of originals. Front men Denny Smith and Patrick Miller had that Neil Young look tonight, and worked the room hard. Lee Coram provided keys and vocals, and the rhythm section kept everyone on track. If you get a chance to catch them, perhaps in Nashville, take it. I know I will. - The Amplifier

JP's Music Blog
By Jim Pasinski

The Great Affairs hail from Nashville, TN and prove why Nashville is one of the hotbeds of the nation for new talent. Their sound is simple, but effective and draws you into what they’re saying. Pop, Folk, Rock, Americana; The Great Affairs cover them all.

Right from the album’s lead-off song “Dodge,” The Great Affairs draw strong references to the band Wilco. Denny Smith’s straining vocals play perfectly to the band’s Americana Pop sound. The music of “Dear John” and “Undertow” sound like Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers outtakes. The acoustics of “Break Me Down” and “Isn’t She Gold” helps you concentrate on the song’s strong lyrics. The music of the album flows so smoothly that you keep wanting more and more as each song is as well-written as the one before.

The Great Affairs self-titled debut is available now and the band will be making appearances in June and August. Check out for tour dates, music samples and more from The Great Affairs. - JP's Music Blog

Music's Rising Stars Magazine
August 2009
By Joshua Schrader

The spirit of classic American rock is alive and well, manifesting itself within a five-man band, the result of a love affair with music. ‘The Great Affair’ in fact. Though only a few months in the making, the stages of Nashville, Tennessee are shaking to their sound.

"My name is Denny Smith, and I’m the singer/guitarist of The Great Affairs. We’re a good, old-fashioned Rock n’ Roll band in the spirit of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and the Kings of Leon," introduces the native from the heart of Illinois. "Also in the band are guitarist Patrick Miller, Keyboardist/guitarist/utility player Lee Coram, Bassist Matt Andersen and drummer Tim Good."

What you get when you bring them all together are "Five guys trying to make sense of little bits and pieces we pull from the ether, and translating them into ear candy."

"You might wanna sit down." Denny advises.

"I was the classic weird kid. I was into sci-fi, reading all the time, had a paper route, excelled in school – until I got my first guitar and adopted the philosophy that I no longer had the need for education. I was wrong… sorry Mom. Out went sports, classes, etc. In came rock n’ roll 101.” He adds, “I got caught shoplifting when I was around twelve, skated it and never did anything of the sort ever again. Never cheated or stole a thing after. Honest. That’s pretty life altering. I might have gone on to a life of petty crime, had it not been for that plain-clothes security lady at Kmart."

"I joined a local cover band when I was 17.We played at the Knights of Columbus hall in my hometown. Fifty bucks was our take split seven ways." Denny recalls. "The notion of writing my own songs had never even occurred to me. That changed real quick when I realized how much more interesting that was than learning Pearl Jam or Poison tunes, so it was off to the races. While I’ve never proven to be the most adept player, I am pretty handy with lyrics and melodies. Folks seem to enjoy my songs, so I guess somewhere along the way I must’ve figured out this was the thing for me. I’ve had my heart broken more often by songs than by girls.”

The race for recognition took him to the musical scene of the west, where he took lessons in the hard knocks school of music. In California he gained the wisdom and knowledge that would further his journey for fame. "Probably the single greatest life-changing event for me music wise would be getting the opportunity to join a band based out of Los Angeles, being a part of that for three years and getting a crash course in how the music industry really works; eye opening to say the least for a kid that grew up surrounded by corn fields and cover bands."

"When I came up with the idea to form The Great Affairs, it was as a side project to keep my self busy when my other band Former had to scale back our gigging to accommodate some of the guys’ schedules. It’s in the infant stage. We’ve only played a handful of shows, but we are releasing a 5-song EP that we’ll have available at shows and we’re starting on some new material with another producer, so it’s really just starting to come together. We’ve only been a band for three or four months." Denny admits, but is optimistic in its survival. "Patrick and Lee came with me from Former, while we drafted Matt; who we’d utilized as a sub for our regular bass player a couple of times. Tim was a Craigslist find and luckily, the first guy we tried out. Before we knew it, this thing had rocketed off the tracks, and we had a mess of songs and a bunch of gigs. So Former became the backburner thing. Time will tell."

"I’m not even sure what genre we are. We’re not really anchored to any specific genre. A good song’s a good song, whatever it happens to be classified as. Wish I knew; it would make explaining our sound to people way easier," he says with a laugh.

Whatever name you pin to it, it'll defy the label. Rock? Pop? Americana? It is simply the sound of The Great Affairs.

"I thought the imagery of classic affairs throughout history, particularly Hollywood romances, would lend itself to some cool artwork and images. The name just stuck," Denny says. "Nothing else really fascinates me the way a great song does. I’m happiest when I’m working on my music. It’s who I am, and it feels right. I wouldn’t trade this road for another regardless." - Music's Rising Stars Magazine

Not Lame Records
By Bruce Brodeen

The 4 guys here are playing loose and having a good, solid time making music from the gut and letting the sparks fly. That it comes off sounding so effortless is testimony to the talents of the participants. Fans of The Jayhawks, The V-Roys and Limbeck should dive right in. The sound is one the gentle roots groove of a road-tested and worn Telecaster, a glorious wash of slide guitar and snapping snare patterns, the warmth of a perfect bass line and the earnest declarations of a band getting ready to hit the highway. Very Highly Recommended! - Not Lame Records

Kool Kat Musik
By Ray Gianchetti

So, we welcome with open arms, a kinder, gentler Denny Smith this time around. We hear roots poppers like The Jayhawks and even some Paul Westerberg solo/latter period Replacements throughout the record. Thev record is a first-rate example of a shimmering blend of country, folk, and bar band rock-leaning songs. Listening to these guys make music is a beautiful American experience falling somewhere between drinking a cold Coke on a hot day and driving through the Rocky Mountains at sunset. Perhaps it's in the clarity of Denny's melodies and their accompanying ghostly harmonies, or maybe it's in Patrick's rock licks. Well done lads! Can't say enough about this one! GREAT!!!! - Kool Kat Musik

Bill's Music Forum Blogspot

Denny Smith (formerly of Former) is back with a new band and new sound called The Great Affairs. Joining him are Patrick Miller on the guitars, Matt Andersen on the bass, and Tim Good on the drums. This one marks a departure for Smith, who cut his teeth with the sadly underrated modern rock outfit Former, whose 2008 CD "...And Nothing But The Truth" was a thrilling ride down the melodic rock roller coaster.

The Great Affairs play more in the neighborhood of Tom Petty, Wilco, and The Jayhawks - perhaps influenced in part from Smith's relocation to Nashville. The sound is earnest and organic, pleasant and mellow - not unlike the new one from Black Crowes. Smith retains the wit in his lyrics, which remind me of the subtle lyrical genius of Paul Westerburg at times, and his vocals are just as nicely suited with alt-country as they were with his more commercialized big rock sound.

Highlights include the quietly infectious "Dodge", the Southern rock flavored "Dear John", and the sparkling "Isn't She Gold". "The Great Affairs" takes a few spins to settle in, but once you get into bed with it you won't regret it.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 1 - Bill's Music Forum Blogspot


The Great Affairs "The Great Affairs" EP (5 Tracks) June 2009
The Great Affairs "The Great Affairs" (12 Tracks) November 2009
The Great Affairs "Ricky Took The Wheels.." (12 Tracks) September 2010

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Our story begins in California's first "earthquake-proof" hospital.....

Salinas, CA, May 20th, nineteen hundred and something or other, Denny Smith, the man who would become the voice and visionary of this thing now known as The Great Affairs was born, the son of a U.S. military policeman and grocery store clerk. Once out of the service, Denny's father relocated the family to Central Illinois, where a steady diet of FM radio and records pilfered from his uncle's closely guarded collection of classics, coupled with the requisite indiscretions of youth, would provide a wellspring of inspiration for the burgeoning songwriter in later years. The gift of an electric guitar at 15 sealed the deal, and his fate.

Landing in Nashville, after a fairly successful stint in Los Angeles left him somewhat disillusioned with the music industry, Denny spent a few years regrouping, playing regionally with a few acts, and making a name for himself, all the while searching for the elusive "sound" and the players he would need to make it.

Patrick Miller, a longtime friend and musical collaborator, brings to the table a style rooted in his love of the blues and decades of British pop, favoring a slide and his trusty Les Paul. While his ultimate quest will find him succeeding Daniel Craig as the next James Bond, for now he is content to be the soul of The Great Affairs.

Matt Andersen, who only needs four strings and his Black Crowes bootlegs to survive, will regale you with his commentary on obscure jazz records and his latest B-movie discoveries, but is perhaps most valuable as the band's audio/video documentarian and resident "beer snob".

New addition Jason Hees, indie movie star, lost Duke of Hazzard, and once-keeper of the Roland V-Drum towel..." Waldo the Squid of Drum! Magazine had this to say "Hees has a definite flair for the dramatic in his animalistic approach..." 'nuff said.

But that's the LONG story.......

The short story, and all you really need to know, is that the The Great Affairs is a rock n' roll band in love with pop songs. With nods to everyone from Tom Petty & Butch Walker, to U2 and Kings Of Leon, their affection for great songwriting goes hand in hand with their desire to capture your heart with just a single line, only to never let go, the way that one great lyric you just can't shake gets you every time.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Great Affairs.