The Great Big No!

The Great Big No!


Our mission is to provide the universe with fresh, non-generic music that will repeatedly delight listener's senses with pants-shitting, tear-crying musical ferocity. If ever in doubt, just repeat The Great Big No's motto: "Fuck it, Let it Rumble".


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Featuring Aman Ellis (lead guitar), Ben Scott (bass/vocals), Daniel Welch (keyboards), and Grant Willis (drums/vocals), The Great Big No! is a genre-straddling quartet from the steamy southern metropolis of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Together, they have form ear-blitzing sonic sounds that leave audiences stunned, elated, and mystified; basking in what can only be compared to a post-coital afterglow. Long-time fans along with newcomers come to love The Great Big No! because they know to expect something new and exciting every show: mind-bending lights and projections that keep eyes busy while ears and bodies are taken over by the music, technology manipulated in new and abstract ways, and musical guests ranging from saxophonists to beat boxers. Needless to say, no 'No!' show is ever quite the same as the last.

In addition to their own ongoing expansion throughout the Southeast, The Great Big No! and its members have enjoyed sharing stages with some of the jamband and festival scene’s most popular acts: the Disco Biscuits, Telepath, DJ Logic, Dubconscious, and Dr. Fameus. They have recently released their new album, Heart of Dixie Disco, Vol. I (available on i-Tunes), with still another studio album in the works. Armed with unstoppable grooves, multi-textured soundscapes, and an inventive spirit, The Great Big No! is coming to entertain you. So keep an eye out, when The Great Big No! rolls into town, you don’t want to miss it.


I Queue For Tea

Written By: The Great Big No!



Heart of Dixie Disco, Vol. 1, Ask Questions Later EP, Live @ the Shroom

Set List


Shake It
Monster Trucks
Talladegeba System
Home for a Day
Ask Questions Later
Annie May
Access Denied
Raw Deal
Gumby�s Revenge
I Queue For Tea
Square one
In Walked the Sun
World Perc
3 to 2
Ambient Jim