The Great Crusades

The Great Crusades


The music is a powerful blend of Americana, Blues-Rock, Indie-Guitar Rock. The newest album "Four Thirty" melds unique experience, special friendship and a collective passion for music into an extraordinaire effort greater than any one moment.


Many bands try to capture in a recording the energy and magic felt on stage, when in the practice in the studio or at the kitchen table late at night all that is present is a notebook, an acoustic guitar and empty bottles of beer. The Great Crusades newest album represents the band at their collaborative best, giving their live songs greater justice by infusing the same gritty, raw energy into a collection of tracks that winds listeners through the depths of Chicago, New Orleans or St. Louis


Four Thirty (2006), Welcome to the Hiawatha Inn (2004), Never Go Home (2002), Damaged Goods (2000), First Drink spilled of the Evening (1998)

Set List

The band plays mostly their own songs, plus one or
the other cover-version. F.ex. an AC/DC, Doors or Queen- song. A typical set-list consists of about 12 Great Crusades-songs and 2 coverversions.