The Greater Rebellion
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The Greater Rebellion

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spade Rock Magazine"

“The Greater Rebellion is hard-nosed in your face in your face rock. A refreshing addition to the
music scene.” - Josh Hamilton,

"Fusion Magazine"

“The Greater Rebellion mixes a blend of hard rock
with almost jazz like precision. It’s a very interesting
concept…” - Mitch Johnson,

"Wiretap Magazine"

“I’m not quite sure what it is about their music. It has a presence to it that I cannot place. It draws
you in and you can’t help but listen.” - Katy Otto,

"The Village Star"

“Great music with incredible vocals.” - Auriel Thomas,


Still working on that hot first release.



The Greater Rebellion was formed when four musicians,
all the virtuosos on their respective instruments and all
with the same desire, accidentally met and started playing
together. Fate, it would seem, brought them together where they discovered their true talent and began to write
music that may usher in a new era in pop culture.
Melody and harmony built with fundamental and sometimes experimental principles of western tonal theory. Lyrics that provide social insight of human nature through stories taken from today’s headlines.
This and much more is what forms The Greater Rebellion into a truly unique nsemble.
Should art be socially responsible? If the answer is yes, one would conclude by listening to modern popular music in the U.S. that the primary goal in life is to obtain massive amounts of wealth while objectifying women. When most artists are confronted about the messages in their music (particularly those that write about
what is mentioned above), they simply shrug it off and reply that that observation
is “reading too much into it.” But isn’t that the purpose of art, to be read into?
They have been compared to many successful
groups from Chevelle to The Red Hot Chile Peppers,
from The Doors to Radiohead. But freedom is what they believe in, and they continue to use their
talents to create a completely unique, yet enjoyable musical experience.