The Great Escapees

The Great Escapees


Rythm is hardwired into the DNA of mankind. It's not something we learn, it's something we're born with. Evolution has decided we benefit from it. And The Great Escapees want to make shure mankind reaps those benefits. Together.


Straight out the Illuminated Woods of the South, here to part all the dark clouds: The Great Escapees of the Idlewild Tribe.
The Great Escapees have just released their first independent production Out of the Woodwork as well as first single Spirit Walk. The band works through their own publisher and label Bandar-log W.A.F and write, record and produce all of their original material. For the Out of the Woodwork production they’ve launched a proof of concept for an upcoming comic book tying into the storyline in the bands music. Howlin’, The Hit and Dechimneyation, all songs off the record Out of the Woodwork, were accompanied by an 8 page comic pencilled and inked by swedish illustrator Sofia Sagerberg and written by the band. That and more can be found on the bands website


Spirit Walk

Written By: J.R.

Out through the eye to the moonshine outside where the absence of light makes his heart seem on fire as his line of thoughts transpire to the wired minds of lined up liars He is truly alive for the first time since he left the "I am I" for the "I am all things alive"

He's out there climbing as the planets are aligning physical ascendance through spiritual transcendance finding the purpose and the silverlining of the golden cloud gliding cross the sky hiding that which he's desiring throwing a shadow 'cross the world he's leaving The sky aint a ceiling confinement's just a feeling

Spiritwalk right through the walls I can see for miles Spiritwalk right through it all I can see for miles And miles and miles and miles

Determined to execute plan conquer and reclaim through faith in oneself through love over hate through selfwritten fate Since the age of eight obsessed with the dreamscape of a lit up stage and a million heads in the trench listening in like it's life or death

He's not out of his mind His mind is out of him walking in his sleep without using his feet It's either or, the ether or... back to how it was before

The Hit

Written By: J.R.

What are you stabbing girl? What's that you're stashing in your purse? Call me up at five am, saying you're in trouble again. say meet me down at the all night drugstore on 53rd and 3rd, there's an all out war I've got my gun in my pocket but that won't do no good 'cause there's a million of 'em down there and their skin is hard as wood

We've been hit baby this is it Walls are falling all around us now We've been hit baby this is it The world's turned and we're on the dark side again

What's that? you're crying dear all those tears're making your words unclear I don't know any more than you suddenly all hell broke lose we better get out, come on lets leave there's nothing left standing here but trees And I've got my gun right here in my pocket but that won't do no good

We've been hit baby this is it Walls are falling all around us now We've been hit baby this is it The world's turned and we're on the dark side again

There was something in the air this morning besides the smell of the irontown I could swear a fresh breeze was blowing it carried a howl and brought our walls down

This is Sunshine

Written By: J.R.

Turned around at the wrong time don't mind taking a hit or two as long as you watch the face 'cause my mama might see what a mistake she made

Sun shinin' and the hot concrete underneath the feet makin' that sound of boots and heels stompin' down going to town, pass drunken punches around

And the sunshine might bring some peace to my mind if the dark clouds weren't always shuttin' it down

Ya live like us and ya die like us kickin' up dust for a change of view upsetters by dusk so strange and new face down in sick by dawn as we pass by you

Can you feel it?

There's a sunrise by the end of this night This is sunshine derived out of sound There's a sunrise Comin, comin around

This is sunshine

Long Gone

Written By: J.R.

Marvel-girl's got curly thoughts She's hurting bad but she laughs a lot where does the wild wallflowers grow? she's hurting bad but she's got to know And her charlatan, silvertounge boy of choice Explains to her she doesn't have to go But the train rolls in the station now carrying glee and mushroom clouds Though he's the one carrying the hat and the gun She rides of with his heart into the setting sun

If you ever wanna see my face just follow the trail of bridges set ablaze of bridges set ablaze

The pale, real phoney she's left behind firmly places his feet on the sunshine When he touch the sky his pen runs out of ink and he can't sort out exactly what he thinks There's a crack in his totem and his spurs don't shine Caught in a limbo just floating through time But all of a sudden he starts to fall and crashes right in to a dead-end wall With his dry pen he carves his name takes two steps back and walks away

Punctuality is for mortals and amateurs and none of them can tell what time is really worth and they will never be carried by the strings and they will never see the colour in the wind Staying in place till everywhere else is gone They are right 'cause there's noone left to be wrong I know this ain't the place for the likes of us so I'll just pray till faith cathes up and when the holy men come to lay me to rest I've already left

Get out Get off Scream shout Run off Run run run!

Lifetime Song

Written By: J.R.

Every day is a step away from all those days I've slept away But you still say I've got nothing to show That I put in the hours but not the soul

And all that time is on my mind It'll be mine by the end of the line But you still sigh like I'm out of my head when I'm cooped up inside it Fighting to get out of it

I put a needle to my skin to hear the melodies within And they come soaring through And now I've got a song for you

And I'm gonna write a song that's a lifetime long And I'll bleed the ink and scream the notes And I'll push the envelope wherever I go And I'll write a song That's a lifetime long And let it go on and on and on

When I don't express myself I start fires in my holding cell and when I'm under the spell it burns like hell


Out of the Woodwork -mixtape
Spirit Walk (Airwaves Edit) -single