The Great Imponderables

The Great Imponderables


True Story. Dance. Emotions. Music is designed to capture these emotions while telling a story that is common to all. Questions have meaning. Answers have hope. Dance brings freedom. If it needs to be said, we want to help you get it out and be able to share with others. Music is life. Life is good.


The band has performed for crowds of up to 4,000. Performances include the NC Arts council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Coca-Cola. They also support the Make-A-Wish Foundation by arranging musical guests to help raise money in local communities. Lead guitarist was trained by professionals from musicians workshop who claimed he would become a "monster" (which he has). Using styles from legends like Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, Nathan has been able to come up with a style uniquely his own. Mike and Payton have a background in dance, even appearing in movies with Will Smith, Mat Damon and others. Mike's musical ability allows him to create and play most any instrument he touches. Rick's mother was a music teacher. He grew up performing and listening to many different genre's of music. He joined a band in the 70's as a bassist himself and now plays drums for the band. The mix of the old guy's and the new allow this band to play something that appeals to audiences of ALL ages.


The Cure

Written By: Nathan Creel

We hear the words peace and security
But all we see in this world is hypocrisy
The world of today is covered by a dark cloud.
It’s clear we need something better than what we have right now.

There’s a new world on its way
And it’s gonna’ put an end to
All the pain and suffering
That’s affecting me and you.

I see the pain that mankind can bring.
Where do we turn? Will death ever lose its sting?
If we could remove the scales and help others to find
What it is that gives us true peace of mind.




A promise was made and of this fact I am sure
There’s an answer, there will be a cure…….for this


"The Cure" speaks of the troubles in the world brought about by mans desire to rule the world, with the promise of a better life ahead.

"Runaway" is an original, written about Nathan's sister when she left home.

"Day's Like These" is a surfing song, reminding band members of their surfing days in Brunswick, GA.

"Peas & Cornbread" is another original with a jazz/funk sound (written for granny).

"More Than Life" is about relationships, strained to the breaking point, only to find the answers were always there.

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Set List

The band will play some of its originals, but sincde most of its performances are weddings and wine festivals, the typical play list consists of Peas & Cornbread (original), Play That Funky Music, Banana Pancakes, Clocks, Hold on Loosely, Lights, Chasing Cars, Bad Moon Rising, Don't Tell Me No Lines, Beast of Burden, Don't Stop Beilivin', Flake, Free, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Staple It Together, Sunday Morning are typical. Sets last from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on need. Longer performances require a break.