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Too Much Stuff

Written By: the great Luke Ski (Luke Collis Sienkowski)

Too Much Stuff
An original hip-hop song about having too much stuff.
Lyrics by the great Luke Ski
© 2009 Luke Collis Sienkowski

It all started so innocently
with a gift for my birthday when I was just three.
Someone got me my own Snoopy doll.
Then Linus and Lucy, I had to have them all.
I made it my mission to collect all the Peanuts.
With Charlie Brown missing, it was driving me nuts.
Collection complete, breathed a sigh of relief,
but I had to have more. (Oh, good grief!)
Thirty years later, I can't stop acquiring.
Retail therapy can be quite inspiring,
I grab these great things, take them back to my place,
and they occupy every last square inch of space.
At flea markets you can find lawn ornaments,
and at discount stores like "Everything's Nine Cents"
eight seasons of "Wings", all on VHS?
At these prices, who wouldn't say yes? (YESSS!)
At Goodwill I nicked Greatest Hits by Styx.
At Garage sales you'll find so many great picks.
Some secondhand trousers not worn since the eighties.
Put 'em on and I'm like, 'Hey Ladies!'. (Eww, grody!)
I scour the junkyards, it gives me such pleasure,
to dive in a dumpster and find a new treasure.
Taking junk off the street to you might seem brash.
All I say is "I love trash!" (Now scram!)
It's a drag when people nag me about all the stuff I snag
and save but I still brag about my awesome swag,
like old 4-H ribbons, used license plate tags,
and I keep them in packages, boxes, and bags!
I've saved everything that I've ever owned, and in my home
I have to move big piles around just to answer the phone.
So because I never throw anything away,
my life has become a George Carlin cliché!

I got TOO MUCH STUFF! I fail at file.
I got TOO MUCH STUFF! And I have for a while.
I say I don't have the time, but now you're calling my bluff,
Cleaning up is a pain when you got TOO MUCH STUFF!

The other day playing with a new prize
while sitting on some books on how to organize.
A camera crew busted in and started to get ill,
led by Dr. Phil, who got all up in my grill.
"Now Luke, we can see you're a compulsive hoarder,
who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder.
This goes way beyond being a clutterbug.
You've got three feet of items beneath your throw rug!
Your chronic disorganization is a symptom-"
Yeah whatever, check out all my action figures of the Simpsons!
All lined up in order. Oh, don't you just love it?
I could recreate "300" and have them fight the Muppets!
(This is Sparta! Yaaay!) "You need to reduce
the amount of possessions that you don't need or use,
like this box last decade's old phone bills from college."
Hey you never know, I still might need that knowledge!
"Your difficulty discarding has got to give,
and your complex sorting strategy is too elaborative.
You over-categorize in a cumbersome way."
And I was like, 'Uh...' (What the Hell did he say?!)
"Before you run off to your next convention, pay attention,
'cause this here is an intervention, and I should mention
that most think you're a lazy slob and it's the job
of me and my mob to rob you of each last thingamabob."
Hey, you! Leave that all alone!
Do I take your grade school bowling trophies out of your home?
I know where everything is in my makeshift storage areas,
like keeping my federal tax returns inside these cat carriers. (Meow!)
It's all sentimental to me, it's meant to be,
I consider my stuff the source of my identity.
To be complete I gotta keep it, can't you all see?
I'm down with O.C.D.! Yeah you know me!

I got TOO MUCH STUFF! But I'm doing just fine.
I got TOO MUCH STUFF! Don't touch that, it's mine!
Try to take it away, and things are gonna get rough,
Cause I'll smack you if you try take my TOO MUCH STUFF!

I'm a pack rat. I got vast stacks full of knick knacks.
A hat rack with a Brak hat full of Apple Jacks,
an anorak almanac from Iraq,
and an original Masters of the Universe Attack Trak.
Hey! Stand back! You can't have that! Are you wack?
Check my Cracker Jack flack jacket with a matching backpack,
an 8-track of Love Shack sung by Jack Black,
and a postcard… from my Uncle Travelin' Matt!
I'm a victim of my own creativity.
I don't want to be wasteful, it's my responsibility
to the planet to be green, isn't it keen?
That's why I have broods of toilet paper tubes in my washing machine.
Here's a box of old TV Guides
with variant Star Trek covers like Seven of Nine,
Dax, and T'Pol with her hot pointy years!
"Have you even looked at these in the past five years?"
Well, NO, but at con dealer tables
I've seem 'em for sale as collector value-ables!
I'll put 'em on eBay, I'm sure that they'll sell.
Oh God, maybe I do need help. (Aaahhh…)
Wait a smidge, what's this in the fridge?
Junk mail from A-1 Storage, ask for Midge?
Twenty trips in my car back and forth oughta do it.
My stuff could all live in a new storage unit! (Uh-huh, UNIT.)
Plenty of spaces in several sizes,
So I don't have to curb my acquiring